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OEN Workshop: Intellectual Property Tool Kit for Start-Ups: Practical Advice for Avoiding Some of the Biggest IP Mistakes New Businesses Make

Tonkon Torp LLP
888 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1600
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



Tonkon Torp's Intellectual Property Practice Group will provide practical guidance to new business owners on avoiding common intellectual property pitfalls when starting a business. The speakers will cover a number of important topics for new business owners, including branding, trade secret protection, financing/investor disclosure issues, idea submission and restrictions on use of internet materials The presentation is intended to give attendees a roadmap for understanding and addressing potential IP liability issues when starting a business.

The speakers are all members of Tonkon Torp's Intellectual Property Practice Group:

•Vicki Ballou, Partner, Tonkon Torp- Ms. Ballou specializes in intellectual property licensing •Ari Okano, Tonkon Torp- Ms. Okano's practice is focused on trademarks and copyrights •Steven Wilker, Partner, Tonkon Torp- Mr. Wilker practice commercial litigation, including copyright, media and other intellectual property matters