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IxDA Portland Monthly Meetup - an Evening of Improv

Puppet Labs on NW Park (old office)

This venue is no longer open for business.

411 NW Park Ave., Suite 500
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Front door, elevator and stairway may be locked. Please look for a sign on the door with a phone number to call in case you need to be let into the building.


IxDA Portland Presents An Evening of Improv - September 20, 2011

Join us for a spectacular evening of fun and daring improvisational games! This event is designed for creative professionals with an emphasis on spontaneous play and team-building exercises. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll learn practical tools and tips to boost creativity and productivity. Our three illustrious co-hosts have nearly 5 decades of combined improvisation and business consulting experience.

If you already have improv experience, you will love this event. If you have little or no improv experience, but are willing to jump in and take creative risks in a safe, fun and judgment-free environment, you will love this event. If you want to build your creative muscles and team effectiveness, or just let your hair down and have some fun, you will love this event. Come and join us!

Here's the format for the evening. We'll start with a brief introduction and demo session, and then jump right into an interactive session of shared play. The direction we take from there will be improvised, based on your preferences. We'll work in groups or pairs, with plenty of time for play, facilitator coaching, and dialogue. We'll finish with a debrief and Q&A at the end of the evening.

Our Illustrious Co-Hosts:

Shelley Darcy - On Your Feet, Super Project Lab

Shelley trained with The Groundlings in Los Angeles, and has been improvising and performing for 15 years. She is the Executive Director of Super Project Lab, an improv outreach program serving at-risk and underserved populations around Portland. Shelley is also a consultant with On Your Feet, a mini-multinational firm that uses improvisation and experiential techniques to teach companies to navigate growth, uncertainty and rapid change.

www.oyf.com http://www.superprojectlab.org/

Brad Fortier - Brody Theater, United Way, Interdisciplined

Brad Fortier has a Master's degree in anthropology, a passion for improvisation and education, and a pair of angel wings. Brad is the Community Speaker of the United Way Portland, Education Director at the Brody Theater, and has performed around the world. Brad wrote a fascinating book on the social science of ensemble improv called "Long-Form Improvisation: Collaboration, Comedy and Communion." He is also a consultant who performs ethnographic research, facilitates creative workshops, and teaches collaboration, communication and leadership. Brad uses smart words like "liminal" and "communitas" and still makes everyone feel like family.

http://bradfortier.com/ http://www.brodytheater.com/

Patricia Colley - Flow Interaction Design, Improvocateurs

Patricia Colley has studied improvisation in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Baltimore, and has been a user experience designer, consultant and facilitator for 20 years. Patricia uses design methods, critical inquiry and improvisation techniques to help organizations and individuals live and work in optimal flow. Patricia has seen how improv can alter the way people communicate and work together. She wants you to experience the awesome power of improv, too.

www.interactionflow.com www.improvocateurs.com