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PDX11 Civic Hackathon and Unconference

Portland State University Engineering Building
1930 SW 4th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)



Agenda currently is:

9:30am Introductions and unconference planning 10am-4pm Hacking and unconference sessions 4pm - Wrapup session 5pm -> ? Evening hacking and party

Selena Deckelmann ([email protected]) is organizing.

The event will be in the Engineering Building at PSU, and open to the public.

We will have 5-6 rooms in the engineering building reserved, plus the atrium.

One room will be devoted to a Civic Hackathon. Below is the Etherpad for helping organize it and posting projects to hack on: http://etherpad.opensourcebridge.org/pdx11hackathon-april2

Tropo is sponsoring lunch.

We are currently seeking sponsors for help with morning coffee, afternoon coffee and evening snacks.