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Process Oriented Communication --- New Communication Technology for Technical People

The Process Work Institute
2049 NW Hoyt St.
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)


Process Work Institute's parking entrance is at the west side of the building. Please park by the back side of the building and come to the only big room named "class room".

Let's experiment a new technology for communication!

WELCOME! Welcome to world of communication! This is one of my answers to “Is there an easier and cooler way to learn communication?”.

I have had so many troubles about communication. Human being science developed so much. There must be a new technology and practice to make things easier, and even cool way for me.

I am as a Tree hugger computer system engineer fascinated by transpersonal psychology and Process Oriented Ecology, Non Violent Communication and Deep Democracy. And I would like to mesh up and introduce for cool technical people.

And as you know, communication is important!

This new technology to inspire you about communication and team work is well designed for people who are very high functioning in technical area and interested in improving the art of communication.

Cost to Attend: Free

I would like to take video for my learning purpose. The video will be viewed by only me, my supervisors and editors.

Organizer: Jiro Isetani

I am a student of Master of Art in Conflict Facilitation and Organizational Change at The Process Work Institute. I'm mainly from Japan, living in Portland since 1996. This is a part of my final project.