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The Art of Agile Delivery

Sentinel Hotel
614 Southwest 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205, US (map)



This course gives you the hands-on experience and builds the skill set you will require to thoroughly understand and then utilize the real-world fundamentals of agile delivery. You also will learn to accelerate and enhance your adoption and practice of agile development within your organization. The instructors bring their vast subject matter expertise in agile planning and development to lead you through a time-tested mix of content introduction, instruction and skill-based practice to reinforce learning and application.

Training Objectives: What You Will Learn

* Build and ship weekly increments of software using iterations/Sprints
* Create nearly bug-free code using test-driven development, refactoring, and exploratory testing
* Understand and accommodate stakeholders and their diverse opinions
* Work in a cross-functional team with on-site customers, testers, and programmers
* Prevent build failures with continuous integration
* Incrementally build technical infrastructure alongside features


In a class that emphasizes doing; you will form cross-functional teams and deliver actual software in four 90-minute iterations, in a real-world environment that includes version control, automated builds, and continuous integration. That’s right: you’ll design, build, test, and ship software, as well as build out your technical infrastructure, all in 90 minutes. If that sounds impossible, you must take this course.

We cover a lot of ground in this three-day course. We intersperse the real-world iterations with lots of interactive workshops to ensure that you can experience remember everything you learn. Come prepared to drink from the firehose!