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Find Out How CreativeCares at Beer and Blog



Beer and Blog is thrilled to have Burk Jackson, volunteer superhero and talented photographer, to come to this Friday’s Beer and Blog to chat up his wonderful non-profit CreativeCares http://creativecares.org/. It’s sort of a casual dating service for non-profits who are looking for mutually satisfying relationships with volunteer creatives and techies to build websites, develop digital marketing strategies, and create logos for them. No strings attached, and everyone’s left with warm-and-fuzzy memories.

It works like this: CreativeCares partners with non-profits in need of creative and technical services worldwide and matches professionals who wish to volunteer their expertise with organizations who need their help. Volunteers are needed both locally (the Right Brain Initiative, Habitat for Humanity, and the ReBuilding Portland) and internationally (the Disability Aid Abroad program which works to improve the lives of people living in developing countries).

With so many cash-strapped non-profits in need our help in crafting their stories, planning their social media marketing campaigns, and building databases for their online community portals, CreativeCares is currently looking for several volunteers expertise in:

Photography Film/video Graphic design Web design and development Art direction Marketing Copywriting Public relations Strategy Creative direction

Please join us and hear Burk describe his vision for CreativeCares at 4:30pm this Friday, October 1. He’ll be around until at least 6pm for informal mingling and Q&A. Can’t make it Friday but want to be a creative that cares? Head on over to the CreativeCares website and apply online here: http://creativecares.org/join-our-cause/sign-up-here