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Portland Perl Mongers: Relational DB vs Key-Value Store and Beyond

Free Geek
1731 SE 10th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

Please register for class via Eventbrite: https://freegeek.eventbrite.com Please check in at the front desk when you arrive to let them know you are here for the class. Bags must be checked at the front entrance.



Panel: Selena Deckelmann, Igal Koshevoy, Jeff Lavallee, David Wheeler

This will be a panel discussion about the ups, downs, ins, and outs of relational, row, key-value, and hierarchical data stores (simplistic buzzwordiness: SQL vs NOSQL aka ACID CRUD.)

The panel will discuss parallelism, scale, data integrity, normalization, business logic, ORMs, and performance. Some of the following might be addressed:

  • why do you want a relational DB?
  • why do you not want a relational DB?
  • Membase, MongoDB, Redis, Cassandra
  • Tokyo Tyrant, CouchDB, old school K/V (zodb, bdb)
  • distinctions between "relational" and "row store"
  • how filesystem settings affect the database
  • how important is your data?
  • common errors in SQL schemas or usage
  • is count(*) supposed to be fast?
  • efficiency vs speed vs parallel cleverness
  • sharding
  • what is "scale" and do you need it?
  • massively denormalized, or massively normalized?
  • ORMs, materialized views, indexes, and the query planner
  • typical performance with small/large, simple/complex data sets

As always, the meeting will be followed by social hour at the Lucky Lab.