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Portland Linux/Unix Group: A Talk by Jeri Ellsworth (SICK: RESCHEDULING!)

Portland State University FAB, Room 86-09
1900 SW Fourth Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201, US (map)

Access Notes

Building is at 4th and College. Room 86-01 is in the basement, take the elevator or stairs down to basement and follow the signs.




Jeri is sick and can't do the talk tonight.

Informal DorkBotPDX demo night instead!

In place of Jeri, I have some offers to do demos of projects from DorkBotPDX land, including Simran Gleason about his Kepler's Orrery (a generative music system that composes music from gravity equations), I have a little stepper motor demo, someone suggested they could demo Luz (a ruby / opengl 4-d drawing software), and there may be others.


                A Talk

            Jeri Ellsworth
                            (Circuit Girl)

 Jeri Ellsworth is a native Oregonian, born in Yamhill and raised
 in Dallas, Oregon.  Early on she became fascinated with electronics 
 and 8-bit computers setting the stage for her unique approach to 
 learning.  Not being challenged in school, she skipped higher 
 education to pursue a career in car-racing and chassis fabrication.
 After that, she opened a chain of computer stores in Oregon and 
 Washington.  She sold those to persue a career in chip design,
 which lead her to design the CommodoreOne - based upon the 
 Commodore 64 - using reconfigurable logic and the C64 DTV 30- 
 games-in-one joystick, selling, a quarter million units.
 She currently works as an Oregon based consultant.   

 I'm not sure what Jeri is going to speak about yet, but judging from
 the talk she gave at Stanford, it should be very good indeed.
 See a video of her Stanford talk at: 

 Also, see her webs sites at: