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Bad Patent!

OTBC [Old location, do not use!]

This venue is no longer open for business.

12725 Sw Millikan Way, Suite 101
Beaverton, OR 97005, US (map)



Slashdotters' outrage meters were pegged again recently when somebody noticed that HP had gotten patent #7,523,150 last April. But what is the patent really about? And how did HP get it?

IP attorney Dave Madden of Mersenne Law LLC will present a quick overview of the patent process and then discuss the HP patent itself. It's very short (only 5 pages) and it's about an area of technology that's familiar to many engineers (binary representation of numbers in a computer), so it's a good vehicle to get into a discussion about the patent system, rather than the intricate details of a complicated invention.

Join us at the OTBC offices at noon on Thursday, February 4, 2010, for a brown-bag lunch, discussion and Q&A.

Location: OTBC, 12725 SW Millikan Way, Suite 300 (reception in Suite 101) Date: Thursday, February 4, 2010 Time: noon to 1pm Max: Blue line, Beaverton Central stop (one stop west of the Beaverton Transit Center) Driving: Directions Parking: Free parking in the parking garage next door to our building Cost: Free (bring your lunch!)