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Multnomah Food Initiative

St. Francis Church Dining Hall
1182 SE Pine St
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)



At Multnomah County we are asking the question “what is next for the local food movement?” There’s no doubt that Mult Co and Portland region are at the epicenter of a growing national interest in local food. Currently, we have over 20 farmers’ markets, approximately 65 community-supported agriculture farms, and a plethora of restaurants and grocery stores that feature local food.

So the question is: have we arrived or have we just started? Multnomah County believes that we have just started. That is why Multnomah County has launched the Multnomah Food Initiative – a public engagement process that will bring the community together to create a shared vision, shared goals, and the first comprehensive community food action plan in the nation.

Early next year, Mult Co will be hosting a Food Summit to bring together business interests, the health industry, local governments, and the community to create a 15 year roadmap that will do two things: (1) relocalize our food system and (2) make the healthy choice the easy choice for all of us. Multnomah County would like to hear your thoughts on the Food Summit and Food Action Plan.