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Dorkbot at ON Gallery First Thursday opening

ON Gallery
321 NW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97207, US (map)



Show opening: "Dorkbot at ON"

First Thursday Opening 6pm - 10pm October 1st at ON Gallery Show runs Thursday October 1st to Friday October 30th

ON Gallery welcomes projects from the Dorkbot community into the gallery for October.

A sampling of the pieces in this group show includes....

Voltage Village by Laen Electricity provides the spark of life in Voltage Village. http://www.flickr.com/photos/68831973@N00/2304649983

Codosome Hexis by Ward Cunningham and Jim Larson Interactive Video & Ink Jet Photography

Bed (green fuse) by Collin Oldham An interactive sound-art installation http://vimeo.com/6744880

Hilbert Curve Coffee Table by Simran Gleason A coffee table made out of copper pipes in the shape of a Hilbert curve

Pink Fish by Donald Delmar Davis Pinkfish is a piece based on the idea that the etched copper on a circuit board should have a sculptural or esthetic aspect. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3362/3275517809_310e412e8d.jpg

Virtual Windows by Donald Delmar Davis The magic window is a pair of computers with cameras. One of which is presented as a window.

Retina Tattoo Gun by bzztbomb This amazing device allows the user to imprint images on their retinas for a small period of time! http://noisybox.net/weblog/images/retinal_tattoo.gif

Maxwell by Mark Medonis A humanoid robot head, telling you about this and that.

...and a few more.

Please come enjoy what occurs at the intersection of art and technology.

ON Gallery is proud to announce that Captured by Porches Brewing Company is a sponsor for programs during September and October 2009.

About ON Gallery

ON Gallery is a Portland Oregon art gallery and project space devoted to contemporary interactive art and technology based arts. ON is curated by Benjamin Foote.

ON is part of the Everett Station Galleries

ON Gallery 321 NW 6th Ave #101 between Everett &Flanders http://ONgallery.org [email protected]

About DorkbotPDX

DorkbotPDX is a community of creative types who enjoy experimenting, finding art in technology and pushing the limits of whatever is in front of us. We meet on an regular, informal basis every other week. We welcome you to join us at our gatherings and to bring something interesting to view or ponder. Hands-on items (electrical, mechanical, digital, aural, visual, or other) are highly encouraged!