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Mobile Portland -- SMS, MMS & Short Codes: Existing Technology & New Opportunities

107 SE Washington St., Suite 520
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi



On September 25th, iPhone users will finally have access to MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) allowing users to send and receive photos, video, and audio files. What new opportunities are available now that this service is available?

  When Barack Obama decided to announce his Vice-Presidential candidate via text message to his supporters, many Americans were surprised. SMS and MMS are often overlooked in the United States.

  In 2007, SMS/MMS accounted for $100 billion in revenue worldwide. That is more than Hollywood box office receipts, dvd sales and rentals, video game industry revenue, and music industry revenue all combined. BMW Germany turned a $70k MMS campaign into $45 million in revenue .

  SMS and MMS are big businesses right now and the focus on them is likely to increase now that the iPhone gains access to MMS.

  How will usage of the iPhone change with this capability? How can businesses utilize SMS and MMS as part of their marketing efforts? How can developers incorporate SMS or MMS in their applications?

  At Mobile Portland this month, Jonathon Karon will provide a brief introduction to the technology and explore the opportunities and challenges associated with SMS, MMS and short codes .

   About Jonathon Karon 

  Jonathan began his long term relationship with mobile platforms in 1997 while developing location-aware mobile collaboration applications for the US government.  After a brief departure into the world of immersive video games he resurfaced to co-found Animus Rex, a web and interactive agency where he served as technical director for 6 years.

  Envious of the Pacific Northwest lifestyle, he departed for Portland Oregon where he co-founded Higher Function in 2006. There he invented pioneering social networking infrastructure and developed the first SMS-based Business To Social® platform, Pincushion, which provides full lifecycle customer communication and CRM to virtually any cell phone in the world.

  Jonathan currently serves as the Higher Function CEO and provides product consulting services focusing on SMS, smart phone, and web application design, user experience, and implementation.