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Innovation Road Show for Inventors



“Antiques Roadshow” for Inventions September 19th, 2009 features Doug Hall’s Corporation from ABC TV’s American Inventor Sponsored by the US Department of Commerce NIST/MEP and Society of Manufacturing Engineers in collaboration with the Micro-inventors Program of Oregon

The national tour of the PlanetEureka.com Innovation Roadshow stops in Oregon on Sept 19th, providing a one-day workshop for local inventors to find out the fair market price for their ideas. Innovation guru Doug Hall has created a comprehensive one day workshop that teaches entrepreneurs how to translate their idea or technology into a customer focused product or service description that can be easily understood by a businessperson who doesn’t have scientific training. The inventor can then list their idea compliments of NIST/MEP in the USA National Innovation Marketplace and receive a fact-based innovation research report and sales forecast that investors can understand in 60 seconds – based on the same sales forecasting methodology companies use to screen their internal innovations. The report answers the age old question, “What’s my idea worth?” At the recent roadshow in Orlando, Doug revealed to one inventor at the end of the session that his idea could be worth over $1 million!

The USA National Innovation Marketplace, a program from the Department of Commerce NIST/MEP, gives American inventors a fair shot—enhancing their credibility by providing a fact-based innovation research report and sales forecast that investors can understand in 60 seconds. For buyers or investors, the Marketplace provides a virtual R&D resource that can triple innovation success rates and speed to market. The Marketplace uses an open innovation strategy, which involves partnering, licensing, and co-developing innovations with partners outside of a company instead of traditional, internal research and development. It connects innovation sellers, buyers, investors and distributors in all industries through a three-pronged approach: 1) Translation Training; 2) Valuation Forecasting; 3) Access to Buyers, Investors & Distributors. More information at PlanetEureka.com.