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WK Portland Incubator

224 NW 13th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97209 (map)



Wieden + Kennedy launches Portland Incubator Experiment.

[ This is occuring at the same time as First Thursday so you should catch both - there is a lot of great digital media being shown all over First Thursday as well - anselm ]

Interested in learning more about the space, who’s working there, and what’s being built? Join us this Thursday—First Thursday—at 5:30 for beverages and whatnot. Meet the folks who are calling the office space home. See what’s planned for the immediate future. And revel in the “we don’t know exactly what we’re doing but we do know it’s going to be cool” blooming and buzzing confusion in which we currently reside.

We’d love to see you in the space, this Thursday. So we’re hoping you can join us. Please feel free to RSVP for the Portland Incubator Experiment open house on Upcoming.