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Beer and Blog: What the Shit?



I'm TOTALLY excited about the fun in store for the Beer and Blog community this Friday, July 10. Back by popular demand is What the Shit, that Twitter dramatic reading event we all enjoyed back in May. Far too long ago, and now the wait is over.

What the Shit, the dramatic over-acting of Twitter tweets, was invented by @melissalion during a moment of undoubtedly utmost genius. The reading encourages you to invite your inner cheese ball out to play and read any tweet in your very best over-the-top oratory form. Also, emoticons are spelled out and there are RULES to follow. Helpful rules as this:

If one of your tweets is read, this is a compliment. Remember, there's no crying in Twitter dramatic readings. Chest beating and keening are okay.

Yeah, I've got me a nice little collection of tweets in consideration for my reading. Done in my best poetry voice, I hope to make my high school theatre teacher Mr. McDonald proud this Friday. The bummer is, the limit is 6 tweets. Who am I going to cut? Soooo difficult.

What the Shit starts at 5:45pm, and sign-ups start at 5:30. Go see @melissalion's Upcoming.org event page for more information and the rules of the game.

One more thing: Don't forget to spread the word on End Bloglessness, scheduled for July 18th. We all know someone who's been talking about starting a blog, but might not be Internet savvy or involved in social networking and wouldn't ordinarily hear about End Bloglessness. Tell them about it. We'll set them up with a platform in one afternoon.

By that way, that's MizD's birthday. I will be making something chocolate-y to celebrate for all to share. You don't mind, do you? =)AYE