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Agile Learning Games Play Party!

Ristretto Roasters (N Williams)
3808 N Williams Ave
Portland, OR 97213, US (map)
Public WiFi



Whenever we attend an Open Space conference, the sessions on Agile Learning Games are always among the most fun and best attended. This will be a self-organized play party hosted by Chris Sims of the Technical Management Institute and Elisabeth Hendrickson of Quality Tree Software. There will be refreshments, and plenty of room to spread out and play.


At 6 pm, Willem Larsen will demonstrate "Where are your keys?" a revolutionary language learning game.

At 7 pm, we'll all share--and play--our favorite Agile learning games. This evening is a preview and warm-up event for our daylong workshop, "Creating Agile Learning Games for Coaches & Consultants," to be held on Friday, May 1 at the Kennedy School.