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Sustainability and Emergency Management

St. Francis Church Dining Hall
1182 SE Pine St
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)



Sustainability, Permaculture, Climate Change, Peak Oil… it is surprising how many interests intersect with Emergency Management. Diverse disciplines from Sociology to Geology play a role in disaster preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery. Reaching out to audiences who may not otherwise be engaged in Citizen Corps programs is as easy as focusing on our shared goals.

20 minute walkable or bikeable neighborhood communities, have been the determinant for CERT Teams. This model corresponds very well with sustainable development, the ideals of Permaculturalists and Peak Oil/Transition Town participants.

Incorporating research and a broad based approach to presentations and other outreach activities is an excellent way to increase your community’s receptiveness to preparedness and mitigation efforts. With the concept that disasters will occur, managing the impact and improving the resiliency of the communities we serve will take all of the tools in our tool box.

Alice Lasher has a Bachelors Degree in Communications from Northern AZ University and has been in the fire service for 18 years. An EMT, Public Information and Education Officer, Critical Incident Stress Manager, Peer Counselor, CERT trainer, Inspector and former Investigator, Alice teaches extensively across the region. Alice also currently serves as the Clackamas County Citizen Corps Co-Chair and the Urban Area Securities Initiative (UASI) representative as well as a UASI Public Information Officer representative. Alice is a true advocate of working within the ICS/NIMS and firmly believes in the pivotal importance of citizen involvement/engagement in all aspects of Emergency Management (mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery).