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PLUG/Perl: Indexing CPAN

Jax Bar (CLOSED)

This venue is no longer open for business.

826 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)


Speaker: brian d foy Topic: Indexing CPAN

BackPAN is the historical archive of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, where most Perl modules live. Going back to 1993, BackPAN has about 100,000 distributions, taking up 12 GB of space. So far, there has not been a comprehensive index of all of these distributions. I'm working on a project to go through each distribution, record as much information as I can, and store that in a way that other people can ask questions. The big goal now is to take any Perl module file you have installed locally and query my index to determine exactly which distribution it came from, when it was released, what other files came with it, and at the time of it's release what its dependency list was.

My talk is a demonstration of what I have so far, which is still in the data collection phase. I have an indexer that knows how to go through distributions and record information, and can do some with pluggable components for each portion of the work. In my talk, I'll demonstrate the current indexer and talk a little bit about the tools and techniques I use. There's plenty of cool Perl things going on, and I'm sure some of the Linux people will have valuable comments about software indexing.