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Science Pub: Changing Brains: Nature and Nurture in Human Brain Development and Function

Cozmic Pizza
199 W 8th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401, US (map)



How much of our brain development is determined by our experiences, and how much is hardwired into our physiology? By studying an array of people, including deaf and blind individuals, researchers at the Brain Development Lab at the University of Oregon have begun to understand the changeability (i.e., neuroplasticity) of the human brain. Some neural systems appear strongly determined?experience doesn't alter them at all. Others are highly affected by experience, and a third neural system is capable of change throughout life. Come find out about current research on brain function, including intervention studies with 3- to 5-year-old preschoolers that hope to unravel the learning processes of developing children.

Helen J. Neville, PhD, is the Robert and Beverly Lewis Endowed Chair and professor of psychology and neuroscience, director of the Brain Development Lab, and director of the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Oregon. Her major research interests are the role of biology and experience in neurosensory and neurocognitive development in humans. She has written several books and her work has been widely published in journals, including Nature and Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience.