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Breakfast with the Mayor-Elect: An Open Conversation between Sam Adams and Portland Software Executives.

Sentinel Hotel
614 Southwest 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205, US (map)



Marketing & Sales SIG
Cost: $20 for members $60 for non members

Mayor-elect Adams is arguably the most technologically savvy Mayor the State's largest city has seen in its 157-year history. Driving the city to update its services with newer technology, Adams has experienced all of the hopes, struggles and success of any enterprise manager.

Additionally, software companies are the largest business group reinvesting in the city's core - a struggle for most American cities. Mayor-elect Adams sees the potential for the city's economic future strongly correlated to the growth of the software industry.

As Adams leads a discussion with the CEO's of three of the city's fastest-growing software companies, expect to be a part of a fascinating discussion that will help you map out the future of the city and one of its most dynamic industries.