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PLUG: IPv6 networking

Jax Bar (CLOSED)

This venue is no longer open for business.

826 SW 2nd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)



Speaker: Timothy D. Morgan

             Virtual Security Research, LLC.

Subject: IPv6

IPv6 is the next generation Internet protocol designed to expand usable address space and implement evolutionary improvements to the current IPv4 protocol. As the address space shortage looms near, it is becoming increasingly clear that the networking and systems communities remain ill-prepared for this transition. This talk provides a broad overview of IPv6, it's features and transition technologies, and follows with a demonstration of how to set up an IPv6-enabled firewall for a simple network using Linux.

And a basic BIO:

Timothy D. Morgan is a long-time programmer, systems administrator, security consultant, and Linux user. Tim's work in IPv6 has consisted of home networking experiments and research in utilizing the expanded IPv6 address space for spoofed attack mitigation. Tim currently works as an application security specialist and digital forensic investigator at Virtual Security Research, LLC.

Remember to buy food and drinks and tip your waitress well. Jax has been very good to us over the years and we want to make sure they survive.