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Portland Ruby Brigade, May meeting

CubeSpace [ *sniff* out of business 12 June 2009]

This venue is no longer open for business.

622 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97214, USA (map)
Public WiFi



The next meeting of the Portland Ruby Brigade is coming up, and this meeting’s content should be of interest to both Ruby and Python programmers.


* AppDrop: An open alternative to Google App Engine

SUMMARY: AppDrop provides a proof-of-concept system for easily hosting and scaling web applications. It demonstrates how applications written for Google’s App Engine can be ported to other platforms. AppDrop runs on Amazon EC2, currently hosts Python applications, and uses Ruby on Rails and ngnix as its backend. All the AppDrop code is open source and contributions are welcome. For more information, please visit: appdrop.com

SPEAKER: Chris Anderson is the author of AppDrop, creator of Grabb.it, and founder of the independent music store Music For Dozens.

* SortableColumns: A Rails gem/plugin for easing the pain of creating sortable HTML tables.

SUMMARY: SortableColumns uses flexible YAML config files to specify the nature of the columns in an HTML table. It can be used with any ActiveRecord result set (works with custom SQL fields) and multiple data-set definitions can be specified per model. Currently supports plain HTML tables or it can be used with the YUI4Rails gem/plugin to easily create YUI DataTables. You can see a demo of the library at sortablecolumns.heroku.com/ and get the Gem from rubyforge.org/projects/sortablecolumns/ . Bryan can also talk about his limited experience with the Heroku application hosting service if there is interest.

SPEAKER: Bryan Donovan works at Sun Microsystems, where he turns tedious spreadsheet-driven processes into automated Rails-driven processes. He also developed UrbanDrinks.com, the sortable stats pages at The Hardball Times baseball site, and the rubystats gem. He has nothing to do with Brian Donovan at brian.maybeyoureinsane.net/blog/category/ruby/