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Nov 12, 2015
Portland Campus: How to go from [Your Seemingly-Unrelated career] to Developer
Code Fellows

Wondering how to move from your current job into a tech career? Want to hear how your current skills translate into the tech world? Already a developer and need to learn a new stack or level up your skills?

Join us for a beer (or ginger ale!) to explore career paths in tech and how to get there. You'll hear from professional developers about how they found their way into their current roles. Bring all your questions about the tech industry and how you can change your career.

Aug 8, 2019
Apply to PIE: Question and answer session (evening)
Autodesk Inc

Thinking about applying to PIE or PIE Shop? Have questions about the program? Curious as to what an accelerator even does? Wondering if the format is right for you? Cool. Let's talk about that. All of that.

Please join PIE at Autodesk for a question and answer session to get more information on our programs and the benefits for early stage startups.

Questions about the differences between the two programs causing you to second guess whether you should even show up? Well, let's get that one answered first. Yes. The answer is yes. If you're a founder of an early stage startup, you should show up.

And in terms of the differences? PIE is an accelerator designed to support startups building digital products. PIE Shop is an incubator/accelerator designed to support startups manufacturing physical products.

We're looking forward to seeing you.

Already ready to apply? Here's a cheat sheet that will help you prepare your application:

Nov 30, 2019
Art of Questioning
Portland Community Church

"Judge a person by their questions rather than their answers" - Voltaire

Do you want to solve problems quickly or be unafraid to talk to anyone?

I'm going to experiment with my social skills by interviewing at least twenty strangers in public. My goal is to ask the most interesting questions and if I'm successful, it will lead to even more interesting questions. This is a great way to learn about a person or topic very quickly.

I'm planning to record my interviews and share my techniques by recapping the results during the Meetup. If anyone would like to volunteer, we can practice the "Art of Questioning".

If you're a student "Questioning is the ability to organize your thinking around what we don't know" - The Right Question Institute. If you're a teacher, questions can guide a student to a better answer. Either way, we can do both.

Be inspired! Knowledge Mavens

Apr 29, 2020
Asking the right questions with Leah Noble Davidson of Because Human

Join PIE as we talk with Leah Noble Davidson, Chief Experience Officer at Because Human.

Leah has consulted within Portland’s startup tech industry for 10 years, working with larger teams from Jive and Puppet to startups like Torch and BeyondPulse.

Having newly ventured into the role of a founder, she’ll be asking questions from the perspective of a female design professional who can speak the language — but is only now really learning how to juggle the risks and rewards firsthand.

Finding answers is one thing. Knowing the questions to ask is entirely another. Leah — a professional asker of questions — will help us hone in on the right questions, provide the necessary reality checks, and share ideas about leveraging the startup community to find the help you need as your startup grows from a concept into being a real business.