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Sep 8, 2014
FutureTalk Summer Series with Eryn O'Neil
New Relic

Programmers Can UX Too

Programmers have a bad reputation when it comes to UX, but it’s time to set the record straight: It isn’t because we don’t care! It’s because we fall in the trap of thinking we can design a user interface and write it at the same time when, the truth is, these processes require different kinds of thinking. But learning how to unlock that part of your brain is worth it– and you’ll be surprised at what you already know. From one developer to another, this talk will discuss why you should think critically about the interfaces you write and give you some strategies you can start applying right away.

This talk is aimed at developers, both front-end and server-side, who implement user interfaces but may not have training in UX. And the truth is, ALL programmers implement user interfaces; sometimes the user is another developer (in the case of an API) or a more advanced user (for a command-line tool), but all software has its users.

Doors will open at 5:30, and the presentation will begin right at 6p. The food and drinks are provided by Bellagios and New Relic.

Please RSVP via Eventbrite HERE

Eryn O'Neil is a PHP web developer (LAMP, naturally) and technical lead at Clockwork Active Media in Minneapolis, MN. There, she has worked on everything from e-commerce to online promotions to building a CMS. Her philosophy? Simple: Write software that’s easy to maintain and even easier to use. Based in Saint Paul, MN, Eryn spends most of her free time swing and blues dancing, rock climbing, and wishing it weren’t snowing.

› FutureTalk is brought to you by New Relic in collaboration with TAO

Mar 10, 2016
Interface Portland
Oregon Convention Center

It’s critical to stay current with the technology that runs your organization and secures your operational infrastructure. INTERFACE addresses these IT issues through informative, non-sales oriented, educational seminars customized to the specific needs of the local business community. Using case studies and best practice examples, these exhibitor-presented sessions offer you the solutions needed to address your technology challenges and achieve your organizational goals.

Sep 29, 2011
PDX-UX Meeting - UX & UI designers and developers user group
Thetus Corporation

Who doesn’t love to be part of something new? Join us for the very first meeting of the PDX-UX user group! This month, we’ll have three to four demos from local companies showcasing the latest techniques in UX and UI development and design. We will provide free food, drinks, networking and discussions.

Who: Anyone interested in discussing or showcasing cutting-edge user interface and user experience development and design. We’d also love to meet some exciting and motivated potential employees, so feel free to invite your talented designer and developer friends!

When: Thursday, September 29th Food and networking at 5:30 Demos start at 6:00 and will wrap up before 7:00

Where: Thetus Corporation 34 NW 1st Avenue (corner of 1st and Couch) 3rd floor Portland, OR 97209

---Google Group--- We’ll be meeting the 3rd Thursday of every month in the same location--if you’d like to join and/or you're interested in getting updates for future meetings, join our PDX-UX Google Group!