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Apr 14, 2020
Community Management Q&A with Cami Kaos of Automattic

Cami lives, works, and parents in the rainy city of Portland, Oregon. She’s had a love of WordPress and WordCamps since the last century, when she happened to stumble upon the first WordCamp Portland.

Since 2013, she has worked at Automattic, as a community organizer for the WordPress open source project. In that role, she gets to work with WordCamps and their organizers from around the world, every day. She continues to write on an irregular basis at where she explores concepts from the plight of modern parents to mental health to marveling at the seemingly mundane.

Cami is active on a number of social platforms but can be most readily found as @camikaos on Twitter.


Apr 23, 2020
Really Working from Home: How to get the most out of your now remote employment

With the onset of quarantine and social distancing, many of us have been settling into a somewhat surreal semblance of remote work. It doesn't feel quite right. But we're doing our best to fake it. And because of that we're not really working from home.

PIE wants to help. That's why we've assembled a panel of PIE mentors: one who helps lead a successful remote only company, one who has worked as a remote employee for a decade while working alongside an online school student, and one who has assembled the most fervent community of remote workers on the planet — all while leading a remote company, himself.

Join these incredibly insightful PIE mentors for an open and honest discussion about how to be truly successful as a remote employee. And how to manage remote teams. And deal with all the life that happens when that life all happens in a single place.

Any question you've had about working from home, these folks are going to be able to answer.

Invited panelists

  • Barrett Brooks, ConvertKit
  • Cami Kaos, Automattic
  • Darren Buckner, Workfrom