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Nov 21, 2016
Community Hour[s] - Portland Community Hour[s] at CENTRL Office Eastside
CENTRL Office Eastside

Built Oregon, PIE, and Silicon Florist would like to invite you to Community Hour[s], our ongoing gathering for all the people who make up the entrepreneurial fabric in our community. There is no agenda, panel, or discussion. It’s a time to relax and network with old friends and new connections. 

As much as we all love technology, relationships are built through personal connections and shared stories. So we hope you’ll join us for a few minutes — or a couple of hours.

As always, Community Hour[s] are graciously hosted by CENTRL Office.

See you there!

May 6, 2020
Consumer products startup ecosystem with Mitch Daugherty

Join us for a conversation with Mitch Daugherty, cofounder and director of Built Oregon, an organization focused on championing the consumer product industry in Oregon.

The greatest joy Mitch has found is meeting with everyone in the statewide ecosystem. Listening to entrepreneurial challenges. Looking for opportunities to connect them to a resource that could help them get one step further down the road. Engaging in conversations about breaking down the silos and echo chambers.

He listened to stories and realized each one formed a piece of this tapestry that makes up Oregon.

As he looked back on his journey, he noticed the common theme in all his adventures and career choices has been the effort to bridge gaps through interaction and dialogue.

He cofounded Built Oregon as a way to build on a simple belief: that stories can raise awareness of companies and regions and help drive economic development.

Throughout that process, he's constantly reminded of what he has learned over his journey: Conversations matter. And the most important conversations take place with those outside of your sphere of influence, and with people who possess opposing views.

The value of a given dialogue hinges on conversations that are inclusive, honest and transparent.