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May 22, 2018
OWASP Chapter Meeting - Pen Testing: How to Get Bigger Bang for your Buck
Jama Software (New Office)

Panel Discussion - Join local industry practitioners as they discuss the best practices used in getting superior results from your Pen Testing. Also share your ideas on Dos and Dont's of Pen testing.

Moderator - Brian Ventura

Panelists - Alexie Kojenov, Ian Melven, Benny Zhao, and Scott Cutler

Alexei Kojenov is a Senior Application Security Consultant with years of prior software development experience. During his career with IBM, he gradually moved from writing code to breaking code. Since late 2016, Alexei has been working as a consultant at Aspect Security, helping businesses identify and fix vulnerabilities and design secure applications. Aspect Security was recently acquired by Ernst&Young and joined EY Advisory cybersecurity practice.

Ian Melven is Principal Security Engineer at New Relic. He has worked in security for almost 20 years, including roles at Mozilla, Adobe, McAfee and @stake.

Benny Zhao is a Security Engineer at Jive Software. His experience focuses on identifying code vulnerabilities and securing software by building tools to help automate security testing.

Scott Cutler has been interested in computer security since he was a kid, and started attending DefCon in 2004. He got his Computer Science degree from UC Irvine in 2009 while working for the on-campus residential network department for 4 years. After graduating he worked first as QA for a SAN NIC card manufacturer, then switched to essentially create their DevOps program from scratch. From these jobs he has gained a lot of experience with networking, build processes, Linux/Unix administration and scripting, and Python development. In 2012 Scott began working in the security field full time as a FIPS, Common Criteria, and PCI Open Protocol evaluator for InfoGard Laboratories (now UL Transaction Security). During this time he got his OSCP and a good understanding of federal security requirements, assessment processes, and documentation (ask him about NIST SPs!). In 2015 scott switched over to Aspect Security (now EY) to put his OSCP to good use and became a full-time application security engineer, doing pen-tests as well as developing both internal and external training.

Mar 12, 2019
Portland OWASP - Breaching the Cyber Security Job Industry with Ryan Krause
Simple 120 SE Clay St Floor 2, Portland, OR 97214

Breaching the Cyber Security Job Industry

Despite the growing popularity of the cyber security industry, many job hunters still find it challenging to break into the field. With numerous entry-level cyber security jobs requiring one, two, or sometimes even three years of security-related experience, how are inexperienced applicants supposed to get their foot in the door?

This talk will discuss some of the challenges that potential employees face while looking for careers in the cyber security industry. It will explore potential career paths for new high school and college graduates, mid-career employees with a technical background, as well as mid-career employees with no technical background. The discussion will also focus on ways to help position yourself for success in the industry, touching on security internships, university diplomas, industry certificates, Portland-based security meetings, and self-study resources.

Ryan Krause is a penetration tester based in the Portland, Oregon area. He has worked in various areas of the security field for the past 11 years for companies such as HP, eEye Digital Security/BeyondTrust, and Comcast with a primary focus on application security and development. He is currently a consultant at NetSPI where he performs web and network penetration tests and assists clients with reducing their overall security exposure.