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PDX PHP - Demystifying TDD & 5 Algorithms Every Web Developer Can Use and Understand

15353 SW Sequoia Parkway
Portland, OR 97224, us (map)



Join us for an evening of two talks at MotoSport!

John Kelly will give a hands on talk on demystifying Test-Driven Development (TDD). We're going to go through a real example that isn't the "easy" example you'll find in books. We'll go over why, as well as how to implement TDD in your development workflow.


Sheldon Kreger will share "5 Algorithms Every Web Developer Can Use and Understand." Although we don't often implement algorithms in our work, there are several of them which can prove to be useful in our applications. Content recommendations, search engines, and natural language processing are just a few examples of algorithms leveraged online. Sheldon will describe the basic mathematics behind the scenes, and show some demonstrations using the Algorithmia API (https://algorithmia.com) to access advanced algorithms from within PHP applications, including Wordpress and Drupal.

Food and drink will be provided.

Thanks to MotoSport for hosting this month's meeting!