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Jun 14, 2017
How Does the Internet Work?

Frontend, Backend, DevOps! Server-side rendering! SSL and HTTPS and SQL injection?! What the heck does all this jargon actually mean? If you're in a leadership position and you need to fill a tech role, it can be hard to know up from down. If your software engineer tells you to pay for an expensive service "for security reasons", how do you know whether its worth your money?

In this workshop, we'll answer the question "how does the internet work" from a Helicopter's perspective. You don't need any programming skills to attend, but be sure to come with questions! By the end, you'll understand the following concepts and how they fit together:

  • The difference between websites, apps, and servers
  • Cybersecurity hygeine (and how to avoid being hacked)
  • Common software developer job descriptions
  • Basics of computer programming (bring a laptop if you want!)

Tickets: Free for Hatch Members, $20 for non members

Workshop Leader: Finn Terdal, Technology Manager at Hatch

Jul 26, 2011
OCCA Meeting Notice July 2011
Red Lion Hotel Portland - Convention Center

Encryption and Passwords: Keeping Safe What will this presentation do? You will understand:

SSL How SSL works. This is the foundation of all secure online activities like banking, logging into your accounts, making purchases at Amazon etc. What crooks can do to undermine SSL and how to protect yourself.

Passwords How has password technology evolved to provide better storage and protection? What password hashes are and why they are important. What happens when crooks hack and get into a vendor's database. Clues that indicate bad security on websites. How are passwords attacked? How to make, use and maintain uncrackable passwords. Dual factor authentication

How to evaluate web services and keep safe How to recognize encryption approaches that do not work. Why music, movie and Ebook encryption cannot work. How to recognize technology that can work.

Examples of great software for free or very low cost to: Provide A cross platform encryption engine that can properly encrypt and decrypt from Mac, Linux and Windows, allowing servers to send fully encrypted packages to end users.

Keep information on your hard drive completely safe. Uncrackable.

Maintain your passwords and automatically login to websites securely. Send secure PDF files. Secure WebMail. Understanding how to analyze a threat matrix

Presenters: Steve Shank is the owner of Oregon Computer Solutions and has been keeping clients' computers safe and profitable for over 25 years. Http:// Peter Miller is a Web Designer, Database Designer and Photographer. and