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May 31, 2011
PDX Web & Design Monthly Happy Hour
Bailey's Taproom

PDX Web & Design

If you're like me, you spend WAYYYY too much time in front of a computer. I think it would be great to have a monthly get together at a bar or pub to just get to know each other, have a brew, and yes, talk about the business. Real human interaction, in other words. Repeats the first Tuesday of every month.

Portland, OR 97205 - USA

Tuesday, May 31 at 7:00 PM



Jul 14, 2011
PDXW&D: Accessibility on the Web

Accessibility on the web is an important, but often overlooked topic in web design and development. Making your website accessible and usable by people who are sight, hearing, or in other ways physically impaired can be a huge help to a large class of internet users. You may have done a little accessibility feature for ADA compliance, but beyond that, it's just the right thing to do, and isn't as difficult as you might think if you focus on accessibility from the start. We'll cover all sorts of accessibility, including designing for screen readers.

You won't want to miss this huge and interesting topic, and we're lucky to have two expert speakers on the topic: Winslow Parker and Lorelle VanFossen.

Winslow Parker is the Lead Adaptive Technology Specialist at the Oregon Commission for the Blind. Worked as adaptive technology trainer for 17 years. He's also worked in medical social work, pastoring and mental health fields. Winslow has been legally blind since age 20, and totally blind since age 50 (now 65). Married son and daughter; 2.1 grandchildren. He's been a Portland resident for 35 years, Oregon 37 years; also lived in Michigan, NYC and SanDiego. Bachelor’s degree in Theology; AA degree Mt Hood Community college in Computer Applications. He claims to spend way too much time using a computer and web (whatever!), and very much appreciates interest in making web pages accessible.

Lorelle VanFossen [bio coming soon]