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Dec 15, 2011
Galois Tech Talk: Frenetic: A Network Programming Language
Galois, Inc

Presented by Nate Foster.

The languages used to program networks today lack modern features. Programming them is a complicated task, and outages and infiltrations are frequent. We believe it is time to develop NETWORK PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES with the following essential features:

  • High-level abstractions that give programmers direct control over the network, allowing them to specify what they want the network to do without worrying about how to implement it.

  • Compositional constructs that facilitate modular reasoning about programs.

  • Portability, allowing programs written for one platform to be used with different devices.

  • Rigorous semantic foundations that precisely document the meaning of the language and provide a basis for building formal verification tools.

The Frenetic language addresses these challenges in the context of OpenFlow networks. It combines a streaming declarative query sub-language and a functional reactive sub-language that, together, provide many of the features listed above. Our implementation handles many low-level packet-processing details and keeps traffic in the "fast path" whenever possible.

Jan 28, 2009
Personal Telco Project Monthly Meeting
Jax Bar (CLOSED)

Monthly Meeting of the Personal Telco Project.

Jan 21, 2009
Personal Telco Project Weekly Meeting
Amnesia Brewing

Primarily will be a discussion of what a demonstration project of community fiber-to-the-premises in Portland might look like.

May 9, 2018
SIM-Portland May Meeting: "What is so smart about SD-WAN?"
University Club of Portland

Over the past 20 years, advances in Information technologies have continuously remade the business world. Think– the Internet, virtualization, cloud, the smartphone to name a few. That has however been one exception – the wide area network (WAN), that is … until now. One of the hottest topics in IT Infrastructure is Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN or SDWAN). It is a specific application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology applied to WAN connections. WAN links are used to connect enterprise networks – including branch offices and data centers – over large geographic distances. SDWAN technologies promise the moon; lower costs, faster performance, business agility to name a few. So, what is real and what is pure marketing?

Come hear from someone who has been an Oregon pioneer in SD-WAN. John Spiegel from Columbia Sportswear will provide an overview of SD-WAN, relate his first-hand experiences implementing this new technology, the results he has seen and how it has changed John’s approach to the ever-evolving landscape of IT infrastructure (both good and bad).

John Spiegel is the Sr Manager of Infrastructure at Columbia Sportswear Company. He is a leader with 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Networking. Forward-leading, big thinker with a passion for transformative and cutting-edge technologies such as SD-WAN and Cloud. Believer in the power of sharing and collaborating with other like-minded individuals to evolve the industry. Outside of work, focus and energy is on family, brewing beer, Duck and Packer football and currently planning a trip to Africa with his family.

5:30 PM Social
6:30 PM Dinner
6:50 PM Meeting Start
7:00 PM Keynote and Q&A
8:15 PM Close