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  • Wednesday
    May 25 2016
    Angling for AngularJS: How it can work for you

    Code Fellows

    Code Fellows invites online learners of all stripes to Code Oregon Labs for some free tutoring from industry professionals! Bring your laptop and a desire to learn.

    As a monthly community event, we strive to lower barriers for entering tech to ultimately increase diversity in talent.

    This month, we welcome Code Fellows grad and developer Max Jacobsen to kick off the open lab tutoring night with a 30-minute demo focused on the AngularJS basics.

    Together with Code Oregon and generous volunteers from the #pdxtech community, Code Fellows is happy to host this event. Each month, our goal is a 6:1 tutor-to-learner ratio.

    Look for pizza and beverages!

  • Portland 1 Million Cups - Pan's Mushroom Jerky


    Super excited to have Pan's Mushroom Jerky joining us this week!

    Every week we have a new local entrepreneur building an amazing company here in Portland. They give a short presentation followed up with a great Q&A session where you get to ask questions and ask about the real challenges and triumphs behind the business.

    As always we welcome everyone interested in startups and founders building great companies here in Portland.

    Come and check it out and bring a friend.

  • Ruby Lunch

    Fat Head's Brewery

    Eat lunch, talk Ruby. All ages and experience levels welcome.

  • Elixir Games PDX - Many Types of Success, But Only One Success Type
    Ruby 6cb4bb736e6c4cb0000f6e4d6254e13d9088263198adc4a1fd0676f8a2f84c34

    Puppet Labs

    NOTE: Please RSVP via the meetup.com website, it helps for food and beverage planning.

    Last month we had a really varied mix of experience levels in attendance, and so this month we'll cover a subject that will be useful to audiences and participants of all shapes and sizes... Dialyzer & TypeSpecs. Elixir isn't a statically typed language, but thanks to TypeSpecs and Dialyzer we can do static type analysis and avoid whole horrible classes of runtime errors by checking our code at compile-time.

    For the newcomers, the "Games" format is designed to create a bit of friendly competition and is accessible for all ranges of experience; beginners and pros alike.

    If you'd like to take a look at the previous sessions' exercises feel free to check them out here: https://github.com/elixir-pdx/, some submitted solutions are available on non-master branches.

    Early in this series we'll be focusing mostly on solving problems in a functional paradigm, and as the series continues over time we'll move more and more toward Elixir's differentiators; Erlang interop, hygienic macros, & OTP patterns.

    If all that read like gibberish to you, don't worry you don't have to know any of that jargon, and by the time you do everything will already make sense. Because we'll introduce ideas and concepts in a way that will help you understand those things conceptually before you ever need a weird name for them.

    Food and drinks will be provided.

    Please make sure you come with a computer to work on and have Elixir pre-installed locally or in a VM and ready to go.


    Special thanks to my friend Jeff Weiss and Puppet Labs, ‘the leader in IT automation’, for hosting us.

  • Papers We Love

    WeWork Custom House

    What was the last paper you read and loved within the realm of computing? What did it inspire you to build or tinker with? Come share the ideas in an awesome academic/research paper with fellow engineers, programmers, and paper-readers. Lead a session and show off code that you wrote that implements these ideas or just give us the lowdown about the paper. Or, just come, listen, and discuss!

    This month's paper is "Dynamic Cicular Work-Stealing Deques" by David Chase and Yossi Lev, and will be presented by Nick Fitzgerald.

    PDF: http://neteril.org/~jeremie/Dynamic_Circular_Work_Queue.pdf

  • Portland JavaScript Admirers' Monthly Meeting

    Janrain Inc

    The monthly meeting of Portland's first JavaScript and ECMAscript users' group. We host presentations and discussions on everything JavaScript-related - including JavaScript frameworks, node.js, CoffeeScript, and whatever else comes up.

    This month we will be having a hack night. Bring your laptop, project idea, or just come to learn about projects and technology stacks that others are using. After all this time talking about code, we will split into small groups and actually write some code!

    Feel free to join our mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/pdxjs if you too are a JavaScript admirer. Or visit our web site for more information at http://pdxjs.com/.

    If you're interested in making a presentation at this or at a future meet-up, please e-mail Jesse Hallett .



  • Thursday
    May 26 2016
    Blind Pig 5th Annual “Let’s Duet!” Karaoke Networking Party

    Are you a latent pop star trapped inside of a marketing professional’s body? Is your inner “Adele” stuck in cubicle hell? It’s time to let your voice be heard!

    Mark your calendars, it’s time for the 5th Annual Blind Pig “Let’s Duet!” Karaoke Death Match and Professional Networking Party. Presented by the American Marketing Association – PDX.

    CALL FOR ENTRY: Sign up today - http://www.ama-pdx.org/events/blind-pig-5th-annual-lets-duet-karaoke-death-match-networking-party/

  • Set Goals & Get Sh!t Done with your Creative Community


    Can you believe we're already HALF way through 2016?

    Step outside your office or workspace for an evening with The Creative Roundtable community. We will be sharing goals we hope to achieve before the end of 2016 and finding ways to stay accountable for business success!

    As always, light snacks and refreshments will be provided. Bring your big ideas and friend or two. We look forward to seeing you!

    Thursday, May 26 6:30-8:30pm at DeskHub

    Learn more & claim your spot here, it's free!

    • Jehn & Jena
  • Portland Python Presentation Night
    Python 7d0292f9705752d39a2459a8eab8946b2ac1f0ddec928d2d68267259586412e9

    Urban Airship Inc

    Come join us for Pythonic talks!

    All levels are welcome! Talk levels vary from beginner to advanced.

    This month:

    • Implementing MVC Architecture in Python for Data Analysis by Ernest Bonat, Ph.D.

    We would like thank this month's sponsor, CloudBolt Softwre, for providing pizza.

    After there should be time to chat, and ask each other questions.

    RSVP at Meetup

    Join us on our python.org mailing list and in #pdxpython on Freenode. All are welcome!

  • Erlang On NixOS - Managing And Releasing Erlang Systems In The Cloud


    Erlang On NixOS - Managing And Releasing Erlang Systems In The Cloud With A Fully Declarative Package Manager

    In this talk we will discuss how to manage Erlang dependencies with the Nix package manager and how to use the Nix system to deliver declaratively described images containing an Erlang Release to cloud platforms.

    Talk objectives:

    To educate the audiance about the value of using a functional, declarative package management system to deliver functional, declarative systems.

    Target audience:

    Developers actively deploying Erlang systems and those interested in deploying Erlang System.

    About Eric Merritt

    Co-author of Erlang and OTP in Action, open source contributor, Erlang Engineer.

  • BSD Pizza Night
    Pizza 9efb07ed841480b15cdb3a16f5e02aaf7bbf2cf318cf59db3f6b85c80dcf1add Beer c37730a61e5136f3294d36828ea8a295e624fc652c114cf191d008ee44f97f2a

    A meeting of folks interested in Copy Free licenses, primarily BSD operating systems. We get together eat pizza, drink beer, and talk about what interesting things have been going on.

  • CTRL-H Open House

    Thursdays are open house night here at CTRL-H. Jon and Melinda are available during this time to give guided tours, answer questions and show you all that the hackerspace has to offer. 

    We don't have an opening ceremony or any formal meeting. This is a time for you to eavesdrop on other peoples projects and get support on a project that you may need help with. Bring your laptop, projects, inventions, your technical toys and your broken microwave to CTRL-H and hack with friends.


Next two weeks

  • Saturday
    May 28 2016
    PyCon 2016
    Python 7d0292f9705752d39a2459a8eab8946b2ac1f0ddec928d2d68267259586412e9
    Oregon Convention Center

    PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. PyCon is organized by the Python community for the community. We try to keep registration far cheaper than most comparable technology conferences, to make PyCon accessible to the widest group possible. PyCon is a diverse conference dedicated to providing an enjoyable experience to everyone. Our code of conduct is intended to help everyone maintain the PyCon spirit. We thank all attendees and staff for observing it.

  • Coding and career help

    Metal Toad

    Join us for coffee and code as we help each other progress our careers. We'll meet in the lobby at 10:00am. The doors will be locked, so call Dan if you need entry later. Bring your computers!

  • Spring into Coding

    Join CodeVana for a fun filled afternoon and spring into coding with this free workshop. Come for just an hour or stay for the whole afternoon. Come with your family and friends and learn the skills to make a web app, a mobile app. Please bring your laptops. This workshop is geared towards children and families.

    • 1:00-1:30 - Setup & Social Time
    • 1:30 - 3:00 - Programming the Web: Web Sites, HTML/CSS/JS, Advanced Web Apps
    • 3:00 - 4:30 - Developing & Deploying a Mobile App
    • 4:30 - 5:00 - Additional Resources to explore in the Summer

    Please register on the

  • Monday
    May 30 2016
    Risk Management and Decision Making

    [FIT Online Course #PDP0711 – RISK MGMT] Schedule: Online, May 30 through Jul 1, 2016 $450* per engineer. Taught by John Blyler, PSU and JB Systems

    This course will examine the concepts, techniques and tools for managing risk and making decision as key components of the systems engineering process. Differences between mission critical and non-mission critical programmatic risk will be emphasized. Other topics include the limits of expected value-based risk analysis, decision making strategies such a max/min, min/max and regrets. Formal methods in risk analysis, elementary decision analysis and decision trees, multi-objective decision making, Pareto techniques, optimality, and trade-off analysis will be covered. Risk and decision techniques will be contrasted with the interfacing processes of program management and software engineering, from both the government (DOD) and industrial perspectives. Case studies will be used throughout the course to demonstrate actual implementation of concept and techniques.

  • Tuesday
    May 31 2016
    TypeScript Open Forum

    CSG Pro

    Join us for our May meeting where we'll be hosting an "open forum". 


    6:00pm Networking and Snacks
    6:10pm Welcome and Announcements
    6:20pm Open Forum

    TypeScript Open Forum

    Have you started using TypeScript but ran into an issue that's been tough to resolve? Maybe you've been wanting to learn TypeScript but are unsure of where to start? Or maybe you've got a TypeScript project that you'd like to share?

    Come join us for an open forum on TypeScript. All skill levels are welcomed. Bring your questions or solutions and share them with the group.

    Possible topics include:

    • Language features

    • Tooling

    • Work flow

    • Testing

    • Irksome problems

    • (Fill in the blank... whatever you want!)

  • RainSec

    Lucky Labrador Brew Pub

    RainSec is an informal group of like-minded security professionals who meet to discuss topics of interest in a non-work, non-vendor setting. Preferably while drinking just enough to forget our day jobs.

    While this is a public event open to any interested parties, our target audience is experienced information security professionals.

    Follow @PDXRainSec for updates & point your IRC client to #rainsec on freenode.

    This event is also on meetup.com. Invite your friends!

  • Wednesday
    Jun 1 2016
    A Portland community effort to help those affected by the Intel layoffs
    Free a0f32ae5b976c3700ed6cf40805731ace5b6de51751da977f9aaa9215d8ad4df

    Falcon Building

    By now, you've heard the news about the layoffs occurring at Intel, Oregon's largest employer. And now Jive, as well. Nearly 800 people from our community are now in the midst of searching for new jobs.

    But you know what? In Portland, we have never been a community that shies away from making the best out of every situation. Or from supporting one another. And that's not going to change anytime soon. Especially now.

    That's why a bunch of us are banding together to figure out ways to help those folks affected.

    Why? Because we're a community. And this is what communities do.

  • Homebrew Website Club PDX

    Pints Brewing

    Are you building your own website? Indie reader? Personal publishing web app? Or some other digital magic-cloud proxy? Come share your projects with others doing similar things! Bring a laptop and make some progress on your personal website too!

  • Confessions of an Entrepreneur with Nat Parker (GlobeSherpa, now moovel)

    DeskHub Portland

    Nat Parker is the CEO of moovel North America. moovel N.A. works to bring mobility solutions for public and alternative transportation options to North American cities through two distinctive but complementary products.

    Prior to leading moovel N.A., Parker co-founded and served as CEO of GlobeSherpa, a market leader in mobile ticketing technology for public transportation. GlobeSherpa launched the nation’s first multimodal white-label mobile ticketing app, TriMet Tickets, in Portland, Oregon in September 2013. Under Parker’s leadership, GlobeSherpa grew to service 16 transit agency clients in eleven U.S. cities. Following the merger of GlobeSherpa and RideScout as moovel N.A., GlobeSherpa’s mobile ticketing platform evolved to become moovel transit.

    Join us and learn how one of Oregon’s hottest startups was able to execute and grown their company from its inception, when Nat and his co-founder were still graduate students at Portland State University, to where they are now.

  • PDXRust June: Lightning Talks


    Are you a Rust expert? Have you played with Rust a bit and told yourself you really should write more code in it, but never made the time? Do you just like learning about cool new programming languages? If any of these apply to you, come to the PDXRust meetup to learn more and meet others with similar interests!

    We meet on the first Wednesday of every month, from 6-8pm, at Mozilla's Portland space. The first hour is either lightning talks from group members or a more in-depth tutorial from a Rust expert, and the second hour is hacking and social time.

    Join us in #pdxrust on irc.freenode.net (http://webchat.freenode.net/) with any feedback about what you'd like to see!

    Remember that Rust's Code of Conduct defines the Rust community's expectations for participation.

  • Thursday
    Jun 2 2016

    Hilton Eugene

    F2F Events, Inc. (F2F) produces CPE-accredited educational conferences for IT professionals focusing on the latest developments in information security, IT infrastructure and communications. F2F’s TechJunction conference series is dedicated to providing both attending delegates and sponsors a strong return on their investment of time and resources. With a “by invitation-only” format, cutting-edge content, interactive labs & exhibits, and other complimentary delegate benefits (coffee, lunch, cocktails; etc.) TechJunction has earned the reputation as “THE technology conference” for IT professionals across the country.

  • Alternative Educational Pathways: The future of education in adult learning

    Treehouse Software

    The world is changing rapidly and technology is becoming increasingly pervasive in our everyday lives. Higher education and adult learning changing too. Experiments in project-based learning, design thinking, hybrid pedagogy, and educational communities are already underway – but where will they lead us? And what does all of this mean for the future of adult learning and higher education?

    Join us at our next meetup to dive into these topics! Hear from a variety of perspectives about what this changing landscape of education looks like locally and elsewhere. Sharing their perspectives are:

    • Douglas Tsoi, Portland Underground Grad School
    • Susan Adams, Oregon Health and Sciences University

    And others (TBD) from the realm of workforce development, blended and online learning!

  • Portland Linux/Unix Group

    PLUG: Portland's monthly, three-track open source conference!

    Celebrating 20 years of hosting Portland's best open source and technology freedom speakers.

    This month's topic To Be Announced

    First Thursday: General Meeting at PSU

    Third Tuesday: Advanced Topics at Free Geek

    Third Sunday: Hands-on Clinic at Free Geek

  • Friday
    Jun 3 2016
    First Fridays Free Days

    Collective Agency

    Come work and have conversations at Collective Agency during our First Fridays Free Days, and join an optional potluck lunch.

    Members, come as usual, and you can bring guests, it’ll be the same for you as it is every day but with more people here.

    If you RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/groups/collectiveagency/ or http://www.meetup.com/Collective-Agency-community-workplace/ or Twitter @CollectiveAgenC with the time you expect to be here, what you’ll be working on (you can include a link to a website or social media), and what you’re looking for, then that's great.

    Schedule: • 9am – Open for free • 12pm – Optional potluck lunch • 5pm – End of Open House

    People here for free will have access to the big loft room, the kitchen, and restrooms, but not: conference rooms, locker storage, computer monitors. You can come in groups of up to 14 people. There are no age restrictions.

    The community guidelines are the core of the terms of service: http://collectiveagency.co/community-guidelines

  • AgilePDX Dntn Pub Lunch: The End of Agile

    We’ve been hearing about it for years. GROW is the new new thing. DevOps builds on Agile and is the new new thing. Hybrid is bad, and Agile only works if you follow the book—right? You got that book? Are we ineffective, tired, fighting back, plodding on, or something else?

    Has the practice of what we think of as Agile changed? Can we not be Agile without first being Lean? What about Agile/Lean? When even signers of the Agile Manifesto speak up against Agile, what’s an agilist to think?

    Or is agile SAFe and sound and the Agile brand has developed a stink? Too many forced marches to agility? Do we need to start calling “agile” “nimble” in order to make progress? And, frankly, how much do we care about what’s in the press?

    The Downtown Pub Lunchers care enough to have voted this topic in last month with a participating attendance of 40 pub grub munching agilists. Come on down and help us sort this one out. You probably have the answer. There’s beer, and we’ll be in the back.

    RSVP's not required but much appreciated at jean@azuregate.net. It helps determine whether to move the furniture and ask for additional servers.

  • Startup Happy Hour PDX
    Beer c37730a61e5136f3294d36828ea8a295e624fc652c114cf191d008ee44f97f2a

    Commons Brewery

    Startup Happy Hour PDX is a happy hour for the Portland startup scene.

  • Saturday
    Jun 4 2016
    IndieWeb Summit 2016

    The IndieWeb movement is a global community that is building an open set of principles and methods that empower people to take back ownership of identity and data instead of sharecropping on 3rd party websites.

    Join us in downtown Portland for two days of a BarCamp-style gathering of web creators building and sharing open web technologies to empower users to own their own identities & content, and advance the state of the indie web!

    You’ll learn about ways to empower yourself to own your data, create and publish content on your own site, and only optionally syndicate to third-party silos. Along the way you’ll get a solid grounding in the history and future of Microformats, domain ownership, IndieAuth, Webmention, Micropub and more!

  • Coding and career help

    Metal Toad

    Join us for coffee and code as we help each other progress our careers. We'll meet in the lobby at 10:00am. The doors will be locked, so call Dan if you need entry later. Bring your computers!

  • Tuesday
    Jun 7 2016
    Drop-in Hour for Prospective Epicodus Students


    Epicodus is a vocational school for aspiring programmers. Depending on what track you take, you can learn everything you need to know to get a job as a web developer or build your startup's app.

    At Epicodus, you'll learn how to build web applications from top to bottom with modern technologies and practices. More importantly than any particular skill, though, you'll learn how to think like a programmer, write good code, and pick up new languages and technologies in this fast-changing industry.

    We currently offer more than a dozen courses including, Introduction to Programming, Ruby, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Rails, Android, Drupal, C#, .NET, CSS and Design. Not all classes are offered at all times.

    Stop in to meet our staff, see the classroom and ask lots of questions!

    Check out our FAQ.

  • Open Source Bridge Planning Meeting / Work Sprint

    Crowd Compass

    Come join us to work on Open Source Bridge 2016! We've got just over three months til the conference!

    Contact info@stumptownsyndicate.org for more information.

  • Portland Ruby Brigade monthly meeting

    Crowd Compass

    We'll have pizza & beer starting at 6pm, so stop by early if you want to have dinner and socialize before the presentations.


    After presentations we'll have more socializing time.

    Thanks to CrowdCompass for providing the venue this month!

    ARRIVING BY BIKE? Cyclists are welcome to park their bikes in the New Relic office. Bikes are not allowed in the building lobby, however, and must use the freight elevator. To get your bike up to the 29th floor, enter the building's parking lot by going down the ramp at 5th and Pine. Go past the booth -- no need to pick up a ticket -- and turn right. Go straight until you almost run into the elevator lobby, then go right again. On the back side of the elevator block you'll see a beat up pair of double doors marked "freight elevator." You can get up by buzzing in with the intercom, and saying you're here for New Relic. Ride on up to the 29th floor, you'll easily find the bike parking.

    ABOUT THE GROUP: The Portland Ruby Brigade, also known as pdxruby and pdx.rb, is a user group for Ruby programmers in the Portland, Oregon area. The group welcomes all programmers interested in the language and its implementations, tools, libraries and frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails. The group has been meeting since August 2002 for presentations, demos and discussions. Every month 35-75 people come together to share their knowledge, projects and enthusiasm for Ruby. If you'd like to present or have a topic you'd like discussed, please post to the mailing list. The group usually meets on the first Tuesday of the month, "Ruby Tuesday" -- see you there!


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