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  • Started Saturday
    Nov 18 2017
    PDX Women in Tech (PDXWIT) Global Day of Code Retreat

    Alchemy Code Lab

    Registration through Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pdx-women-in-tech-pdxwit-national-code-retreat-day-tickets-38483100991) is required to avoid having to manually check-in at the event

    Come join us for the first anniversary of PDXWIT Coderetreat! Our first Coderetreat was on last year’s Global Day of Coderetreat, an event during which groups of coders the world over follow the sun and stay in communication via Twitter about their progress and learning throughout the day. If you have attended one of our Coderetreats in the past, please come back and help us celebrate.

    If you are new to Coderetreats, know that Coderetreat.org is a self-organized, volunteer-led organization dedicated to enabling software developers to help each other improve their craft and teaming skills. Software developers of all sorts gather with their machines, IDEs and the ready-to-code Conway's Game of Life. A Coderetreat facilitator assists the developers during several 45-minute sessions throughout the day. Iman Bilal, Tracie Lee, and Jean Richardson will be teaming up to facilitate this Coderetreat.

    Come along for a day of codeplay in a supportive environment and help Coderetreat follow the sun during the global celebration of software development! If you were there in February, we look forward to seeing you again. If you missed that event, grab your laptop, your favorite IDE, and join us.

    Agenda: 8:30 AM: Doors open 9:00 AM: Introduction and orientation 5:00 PM: Event ends

    PDXWIT Purpose: PDXWIT is a community-based non-profit organization. Our purpose is to strengthen the Portland women in tech community by offering educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities. We are unifying a supportive environment for current and potential women in tech, all of whom are committed to helping each other. Our goal is to bring together and empower women in tech and to encourage others to pursue tech careers. This is our step towards reducing the gender imbalance in the industry and addressing the current negative effects of that imbalance on women.

    Trans and non-binary people are always welcome at our events.


    Union Bank Tower

    Want to take your career to the next level?

    Practical, Hands-on Training for Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions

    Microsoft Excel is perhaps the most important computer software program used in business today. That's why so many workers and prospective employees are required to learn Excel to enter or remain in the workplace. Unfortunately many college students, recent grads, and professionals haven’t mastered Excel or have the adequate Excel skills employers are seeking. According to Payscale, “ 80 percent of job openings require spreadsheet and word-processing software skills. Yet so many people never even give Excel a chance because it has an intimidating stigma around it.”

    If you walk through the finance or accounting department at any major corporate office, you will see computer screens filled with Excel spreadsheets outlining financial results, budgets, forecasts, and plans used to make big business decisions. Marketing and Product profesionals using Excel to list customer and sales targets; managing thier sales force and planning future marketing plans based on past results. Pivot tables to quickly and easily summarize customer and sales data by category with a quick drag-and drop. HR professionals using giant spreadsheets full of employee data and understand exactly where the costs are coming from and how to best plan and control them for the future. Supply logistic professional to manage inventory and forecasts demand. In essence, you can turn an entire department around just because you know how to manipulate data in order to get an aggregate view.


    Advanced functions and formulas Logical functions Conditional functions Financial functions Text functions Date functions Array formulas Lookups and data tables Using lookup functions Using MATCH and INDEX Creating data tables Advanced data management Validating cell entries Advanced filtering Advanced charting Chart formatting options Combination charts Graphical objects PivotTables and PivotCharts Working with PivotTables Rearranging PivotTables Formatting PivotTables PivotCharts Exporting and Importing Data Exporting and importing text files Getting external data Analytical Tools Goal Seek Scenarios Macros and Visual Basic Running and recording a macro Working with VBA code


    Not only are many business professionals using Excel to perform everyday functional tasks in the workplace, an increasing number of employers rely on Excel for decision support.The ability to analyze data is a powerful skill that helps you make better decisions. Microsoft Excel is one of the top tools for data analysis and the built-in pivot tables are arguably the most popular analytic tool.


    They are NOT seeing if you simply have Excel as a skill. They are diving deeping when it comes to determining which candidate to interview and hire. They look for Pivot Table, VLOOKUP, Macros, VBA, Conditional Formatting, Charting and Filtering…These are far more telling of your ability to an employer then writing Excel. Someone who writes VLOOKUP, Pivot Table, Filtering demonstrates an ability to analyse data and so has eliminated a potential barrier in the mind of the hiring manager reviewing your resume. In essence, use actual Excel functions in your Resume!


    Did you know that Excel know-how can instantly increase your job prospects as well as your starting salary? Excel is a transferrable skill that any hiring manager understands is critical. Research shows job applicants who know MS Excel make $22.66 per hour on average compared to the $20.14 per hour their peers make who don’t know the program. That’s roughly an extra $20 per eight-hour workday and $100 per work week, simply for knowing how to use a single computer program. Moreover, full-time employees in certain industries can see a starting salary bump of anywhere from $1,000 to $7,000 per year based on their Excel skills. That’s not chump change you can ignore.


    A majority 63 percent of twenty-somethings want to start their own business. How will you stay organized, track data, or forecast your finances if you’re not spreadsheet-savvy? Many millennials simply want their first job. But, what about your performance once someone hires you? The biggest complaint employers have about millennials is that they lack basic hard and soft skills.These skills include things like teamwork and problem solving, but also basic administrative skills like MS Word and Powerpoint. Once you’re hired, you want to meet the basic requirements of your role without stressing.


    Martin Jetton has 30+ years of advanced supply chain analytics, predictive analytics, and statistical consulting experience. He's currently a Principal at the Liberty Advisor Group, where he works in advanced supply chain analytics. In his previous role, he was the Senior Predictive Consultant at Corios; where he developed predictive models and scorecards, forecast trends, identify uncertainties, and assign the ideal strategies to maximize performance. The firm’s clients are in the banking, brokerage, credit, utilities and healthcare industries.


    People whose work is completed through MS Excel; Software Engineers, Finance Professionals, HR Professionals, Marketing Professionals, Project Managers, Technology Professionals.



  • Web Development 2

    Free Geek

    Learn how to publish and maintain a multi-page web site and enhance your design with CSS! This class builds on the lessons learned in the Web Development 1 class. It covers the text editor, web hosting, file uploading, project file organization, and intermediate CSS.

  • Ideas in Science

    Do you want to learn about idea generation? We're going to talk about key points in preparing a disclosure for a patent filing.

    Do you enjoy learning and sharing knowledge to help people solve problems? Check out this video to see what we're about. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc

    We'll have two lightning talks and at the end of our session, we'll brainstorm and vote for a new interesting topic for the following week presentation. The winning idea will get the innovator of the week.

    Stay tuned for topics. It will be posted a week prior to the session.

    Join the fun!


Next two weeks

  • Monday
    Nov 20 2017
    Intel® VNF Next Virtual Conference Meet Up

    Lucky Labrador Beer Hall

    The Out of the Box Meet up group would like to invite you to learn about VNF next platform optimizationand the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable architecture. Join us for this great opportunity to gain valuable insights and network with other developers.

    Muthaiah Venkatachalam, Director of System Architecture at Intel, will give an overview of the Intel® 5G Mobile Trial Platform.

    Registration will open at 5:30pm. Join us for food, fun and networking.

    To help us with planning this event, please take a moment and register on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/intel-vnf-next-virtual-conference-watch-party-pdx-tickets-39785565698...and you'll get entered in the raffle of an Amazon Kindle!

  • Thinkful + ChickTech Scholarship Application Due


    In efforts to increase the number of women and girls pursuing careers in technology, Thinkful, the #1 industry rated tech education provider, today announced a partnership with national nonprofit organization ChickTech.

    “The tremendous work that ChickTech is doing to engage women while envisioning a more inclusive technology culture for everyone, is something we are honored to be a part of,” said Darrell Silver, Thinkful CEO. “They're creating more opportunities for women in technology. It's inspiring and fits exactly what we're great at as a school.”

    "ChickTech Portland is excited to partner with Thinkful,” noted Janel Hull, ChickTech Portland Community Manager. “By working together, our two organizations can provide more opportunities for more women in Portland to succeed in the technology industry."

    Monthly partnership events led by Thinkful’s mentors and instructors will be hosted at the ChickTech Portland office. The first event will be held on November 8: Build Your Own Website with HTML/CSS, led by local Thinkful mentor Danielle Heberling, a professional developer at Cascade Energy.

    “We like to invest in communities where the need is often the greatest while promoting inclusive, accessible professional growth that moves the student and community forward,” said Emma Holland, Thinkful Community Manager. “Members of the ChickTech Portland community will be able to apply to the newly launched Income Share Agreement (ISA) with $1,000 scholarship applied to their deposit, so they won’t pay tuition until they get a job.”

    Thinkful, who recently celebrated its five year anniversary, offers in-depth curriculum led by their mentor network of experts for those who are willing to work hard to accelerate their career while developing a pipeline of top talent for the Portland tech industry. Find out more about Thinkful Portland on their website.

  • NewTech PDX - November 20th

    New Relic

    This month's OctoBeerTech event is being co-hosted and co-presented by Kerry Finsand and Beerheard.com.

    Join us for NewTech PDX on the 3rd Monday of every month. Portland has one of the most vibrant tech communities in the country, and the more we support our tech ecosystem, the more we'll all experience and create together!

    Join us to learn about the cool and amazing technologies being developed by Portland companies. Event volunteers are welcome! Let us know if you'd like to volunteer.

    Entry to the event is $10 - $20 online, or $25 at the door: Buy Tickets

    5:30pm - Doors Open / Buffet / Drinks / Get to know your community
    7:00pm - Event Begins!

    • Community Announcements: Events, Jobs, etc. (20 seconds/ea)

    • Pres. #1: Paul Wagner of Cloud Engage

    • Pres. #2: Gehad Shaat of Wavy Cloud
    • Pres. #3: Keith Lay of 9iFX
    • Pres. #4: Shiraz Cupala of OfferUp

    8:30pm - After-Party at Bailey's Taproom (213 SW Broadway)

  • Artificial Intelligence Training - Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals - Neural Networks

    Come join us every Tuesday at the Tech Academy. This is an interactive and immersive instructor lead meeting. This week we will cover the basic foundations of neural networks, covering introduction to the perceptron, artificial neural networks (ANN), convolutional neural networks (CNN), recurrent neural networks (RNN), and wrap up with adversarial attacks on neural networks.

    We use a digital project and whiteboard. The course is given at a comfortable pace, so that any attendee can interrupt and ask a question. No question is too small or wrong.

    We ask all the attendees to be patient so that everyone attending learns at the same pace so that all attendees are at the same level at the end of the two hours.

  • JavaScript and the Internet of Things Meetup - Interacting with IoT through React Native and Bluetooth LE


    New Location!

    We're now at eBay!


    6:30 Arrive and Networking

    6:45 Show and Tell

    What have you been working on since the last meetup? Come and share what you've done. No project too small. A blinking LED is awesome!

    7:15 Interacting with IoT through React Native and Bluetooth LE - Michael Kirschbaum

    Speaker Bio: I'm a React/Node dev and data scientist currently focusing on IoT products. When not coding, I enjoy playing music and drawing.

    8:00 Networking

    Community Links

    Join the conversation in the JS IoT Slack Channel (https://jsot-slack.herokuapp.com/)!

    Contribute to the JSoT Glossary (https://github.com/lyzadanger/JSoT)!

    Attendees, sponsors and speakers agree to abide by the code of conduct (http://berlincodeofconduct.org/).

    A huge thanks to eBay for the venue and providing food!

    The eBay logo is a trademark of eBay Inc. Used with permission.

  • PHPDX - Up and Running with Symfony 4


    Food, learning and a great time to network with the fabulous PHP Community! Make sure you join us for the after party! (aka kanging out at Produce Row Cafe)

    This week Robert Parker will give us a tour of the BRAND NEW Symfony 4. Learn the basics of the Symfony framework that powers sites like crunchyroll. We will be building a simple website demonstrating features like Symfony Flex, routing, dependency injection, and object relational mapping. Bring your laptop and follow along!

  • Portland Java User Group (PJUG)

    Join Tom Hanley from Skymind for an interactive tour through DeepLearning4j (DL4J), an open source, distributed, deep learning library for Java. This presentation will focus on machine learning basics and showing how to setup a development environment so you can run some of the canonical neurel network applications like image classification and text analysis with DL4J.

    To get the most out of this presentation, read through the brief https://deeplearning4j.org/quickstart tutorial so you can follow along with coding examples.

  • Wednesday
    Nov 22 2017
    #FullStackPDX : November : Critique : Happy Thanksgiving

    Who are we? We are entrepreneurs, full stack engineers, hackers, continuous learners, but above all, we are a group that loves to work hard and play harder. We organize a variety of content types, and the organizing team believes in delivering the best value for time invested in our events. Companies have launched, founders paired, code taken apart, lessons learned, and more. We are not the typical meetup where a teacher like presenter stands in front of the class and delivers their message. We are a full hands on interactive experience and meetings are successful from the cumulative knowledge and expertise of all members.

    Join us for something different.

    Join us to learn.

    Let’s have fun building our dreams.

    Register for our events and buy your ticket on meetup.com

  • CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - PDX Exploit Workshop

    Hey everybody. Got a bug you just can't land? Is there a recent CVE you've been eyeballing seductively? Just want to brush up on your appsec?

    PDX Exploit Workshop

  • Monday
    Nov 27 2017
  • CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - Dorkbot Meetup

    Part hackathon, part geek social, these biweekly meetings are a time for you to come join others for insight, inspiration or just insanity. 

    Bring your toys for others to see, or come see what others have been painstakingly chipping away at in their spare time. 

    Whether it's code or chips, hacking of all sorts is encouraged. But we also like to hear your crazy ideas, so please come join us and bring your willingness to share your brilliance. 

    We'll be the kids with all the coolest stuff on the table. Hope to see you there.

    p.s. This event is open to everyone, dork or robot. No ^H membership is required to attend.

  • Tuesday
    Nov 28 2017
    PDX Women in Tech (PDXWIT) Happy Hour Networking Event

    Free Geek

    Registration through Eventbrite is required to avoid having to manually check-in at the event

    We are celebrating Giving Tuesday by joining forces with Free Geek for our Happy Hour on November 28th.

    PDXWIT exists as a way to encourage, support and empower women in the Portland tech community. One way to feel empowered is to lift each other at work, and because we feel this is so important, we’ve made it the theme of this event. The conversation starter is “What's something new you can do to empower your coworkers and colleagues?”

    In the spirit of giving, we will be offering a number of ways to give back to your community:

    • Donate your used electronics to support Free Geek • P:ear is organizing a “Women Supporting the Women” bra and underwear drive! For young, homeless women, it is hard to find support for their diverse and changing bodies. Let’s give them the support they need! Bring in gift certificates to Ross or other easy-to-access clothing stores for custom purchases, or raid your wardrobe for new or very lightly used bras. All sizes are needed. Practical styles encouraged, including sports and maternity. New underwear also encouraged. • Sign up to be an individual or sustaining supporter for PDXWIT and get a green shirt!

    While the event is primarily intended for networking, we will have a short segment at 5:30 to share important announcements and showcase three women in our community. ᛫ Introduction to Free Geek, including what they do and what job opportunities are available. ᛫ Pippa Arend, Development Director at p:ear, will talk about Ladies Supporting the Ladies. ᛫ Commissioner Smith will talk about how Multnomah County is giving women and people of color access to startup funds.

    During the event, we’ll have more to do than free-form networking:

    ᛫ An Activity Table where people can get creative. This is a fantastic way to meet others if large groups are not your thing. If you have trouble finding it, look for Meg Aul, our Event Activities Director. ᛫ Table Topics to help break the ice. ᛫ A section for job seekers and those hiring, to ensure people get connected.

    Event FAQ

    Q: What is the parking situation?

    A: Street parking is available

    Q: Is there secured bike parking?

    A: Yes

    Q: Should I consider using public transportation?

    A: Not necessarily

    Q: Is the space ADA accessible?

    A: Yes

    PDXWIT is a community-based non-profit organization. Our purpose is to strengthen the Portland women in tech community by offering educational programs, partnerships, mentorships, resources and opportunities. We are unifying a supportive environment for current and potential women in tech, all of whom are committed to helping each other. Our goal is to bring together and empower women in tech and to encourage others to pursue tech careers. This is our step towards reducing the gender imbalance in the industry and addressing the current negative effects of that imbalance on women.

    Our events are inclusive. ALL people who support our purpose are welcome.

  • Esri GeoDev Meetup

    Esri PDX R&D Center

    Once again, we're hosting an Esri GeoDev Meetup on Wednesday, November 29th. Food and beverages will be provided at the meet up.

    This event is a social gathering for developers to discuss the latest in mapping, geo technology, geo services, web and mobile mapping apps, app design, cloud solutions, map data or anything else related to solving real-world "geo" problems.

    Developers of all levels of expertise are welcome, from seasoned GIS professionals to those new to geospatial development.

    At these meet ups, you can:

    • Meet fellow PDXers.

    • Show us what you got by demo'ing your application or framework.

    • Make a name for yourself in presenting an cool new/interesting concept or idea.

    Impress someone by sharing your experiences.

    • If you're sharp with your GIS and developer trivia, you can win some cool Esri swag

    • Make BFFs for life - connect with other developers!

    Here's what's on the agenda:

    5:30 - 6:30 PM Registration and Social (Pizza and Beverages served)

    6:30 - 7:00 PM Intro

    7:00 - 8:00 PM Lightning talks

    8:00 - 8:30 PM Giveaway, Networking and Social. Two great prizes:

    • A voucher for 1000 Service Credits for your ArcGIS Online Developer Subscription

    • Giveaway of a DevSummit Registration

    Follow us on Twitter: @esrigeodev

  • Portland Deep Learning: AutoML, Peer mentoring and Alpha Go discussion

    Lets get together to discuss all aspects of deep learning.

    In particular, this week I'm interested in learning more about AutoML (learning to learn). If you get a chance and are so inclined check out Using Machine Learning to Explore Neural Network Architecture and Google Vizier: A Service for Black-Box Optimization.

    Our own Sylvain Payot will lead a short talk titled: AlphaGo: How DeepMind put an end to 2,500 years of human mastery

    The game of Go has long been viewed as the most challenging of classic games for artificial intelligence combining an enormous search space and a challenging evaluation of board positions and moves.

    In this talk, we walk you through the strategy adopted by Google DeepMind to develop the program AlphaGo, building on state of the art reinforcement learning and deep learning techniques to defeat some of the world’s greatest Go champions in 2016.

    And finally, bring any questions you may have on the Fast.AI or Andrew Ng's coursera course.

  • Podcast Editing in Audacity

    Darius Kazemi, host of JoJo's Bizarre Explainer, will walk you through a primer on editing and exporting podcast-quality audio using the free Audacity software.

  • Thursday
    Nov 30 2017
    Code Oregon - The Tech Academy presents Code Oregon Careers: Preparing for Technical Interview

    Code Oregon Careers is a collaboration between Code Oregon and The Tech Academy to help software developers prepare themselves for the job search in the software industry. This is a four part series focusing on Soft Skills Interviews, Technical Interviews, LinkedIn and GitHub. 

    Whether you are an experienced developer back on the job search or a brand new junior developer looking for your first opportunity, join us to learn some valuable skills to help you in your job search.  

    This installment on Thursday, November 30 at 6.p.m. will cover:

    Preparing and tips for the Technical Interview

    Food & Beverages:

    The Tech Academy will be providing free pizza and beverages. Please RSVP to help us ensure we have enough food for everyone. If later on you are unable to make the event, please change your RSVP status to help us avoid wasting food. 

    • 6:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. Meet and greet (Networking + pizza and beverages)

    • 6:30 p.m. Code Oregon Careers presentation

    • 7:30 p.m. Q & A and announcements

    • 8 p.m. - 9 p.m. Practice Soft Skills interview inteviewing for anyone that what's to stay after the initial presentation to develop and practice soft skill interviewing

    Resources for Tech Job Seekers:

    David Duncan with Code Oregon (a partnership with WorkSource Oregon and WorkSystems) has developed PortlandTech.org to help job seekers in the tech industry. To schedule a resume review and/or join his list to receive customized job leads, send a resume to [masked] or [masked] to schedule an appointment.

  • Friday
    Dec 1 2017
    Introducing Agile to a Group That Has Always Done Their Own Thing

    What do you do if you want to use agile methods in your work and are working in a group that has always done their own thing? You learned about agile technical practices at your last job, and you really liked the results (and not getting paged at oh dark 30). What do you do to introduce agile practices when folks like what they are doing just fine?

    Or maybe you are a team member who's been hearing and learning about agile practices. You'd like to bring them to your group but they are really used to doing things a certain way. What do you do?

    Join us for a discussion of how to introduce agile from the inside out with a group that has always done their own thing.

  • Tech Academy Portland Meetup - "Lessons Learned From The First Dot-Com Bubble" - Tech Talk with Jack Hennessy

    Featured Speakers: Jack Hennessy

    Jack is an early technology pioneer who achieved massive success in the dot-com boom of the late '90s. Jack spent time with tech luminaries like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

    Jack is coming to The Tech Academy to share the lessons he learned from the first dot-com bubble.

    12:30 p.m. Pizza and Refreshments
    1:00 p.m. Tech Talk starts

    Please RSVP to help us ensure we order enough food for everyone.

    We look forward to seeing you!

  • We Code for Good Hackathon for Women & Friends

    Join us for the We Code for Good Hackathon for Women and Friends on December 1-2! This is the 3rd We Code hackathon hosted by Nike and Puppet, and we’re excited to partner with non-profits and help them address challenges with technical solutions. Details about the non-profits we will be working with will be shared soon.

    Web designers and software developers of all levels are invited to work on a fun project in small teams at this creative and collaborative coding event. You will have an opportunity to meet and work with other talented people, develop your skills, and help non-profits. T-shirts, prizes, and great food will be provided.


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