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  • Monday
    Aug 1 2016
    Monday Python Flying Circus (Programmer Peer Mentoring Night)

    PDX Code Guild

    Bring your laptop. Learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. This group focuses on Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, CSS and HTML. Other languages are welcome.

    This week we will do introductions and then pair up mentors and learners and/or work on projects.

    Set aside one night a week to become a better developer, pick up new skills, and get help with your projects and learning. We'll have mentors on hand and a community of other learners to meet and work with.

    This event is beginner friendly, we can help get you started with programming, support your online learning, or just talk about where you are at and what comes next.

    Free parking! Save this number in case you need help finding us: (541)[masked] We are at 2626 SW Corbett Ave, two buildings down from the Portland State Business Accelerator, and near the International School. More Directions below.

  • Portland Puppet User Group
    Ruby 6cb4bb736e6c4cb0000f6e4d6254e13d9088263198adc4a1fd0676f8a2f84c34


    We will have Ryan Whitehurst and Corey Osman discussing puppet functions for 3.x, 4.x and the new native function capability in puppet 4.1+. Puppet functions are usually a natural progression when learning the puppet language and can help manipulate data, the catalog or trigger some remote service.

    We will talk about how to create and test functions, differences between all the function types and how to properly document them so that you can go back and write some of your own. This will be an interactive session so bring your laptops to follow along.

    We will also using puppet-retrospec for function generation and the puppet-repl for live function demos so please install these tools before hand so we don't clog the network.


Next two weeks

  • Tuesday
    Aug 2 2016
    Drop-in Hour for Prospective Epicodus Students


    Epicodus is a vocational school for aspiring programmers. Depending on what track you take, you can learn everything you need to know to get a job as a web developer or build your startup's app.

    At Epicodus, you'll learn how to build web applications from top to bottom with modern technologies and practices. More importantly than any particular skill, though, you'll learn how to think like a programmer, write good code, and pick up new languages and technologies in this fast-changing industry.

    We currently offer more than a dozen courses including, Introduction to Programming, Ruby, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Rails, Android, Drupal, C#, .NET, CSS and Design. Not all classes are offered at all times.

    Stop in to meet our staff, see the classroom and ask lots of questions!

    Check out our FAQ.

  • Transportation Techies: Portland Show & Tell

    Show & tell for coders who have built bike- or transit-related projects. Come talk about open data, software, mapping, and transportation!

  • pdxrlang meetup: aggregate - meet, greet, learn, collaborate

    WeWork Custom House

    pdxrlang Aggregate meetup No. 4! Everyone is welcome!


    • brief intro/R project or problem: We'll go around the room, each person talk about an R project they've been working on, or a data/data-science problem, or something they want to learn, etc.

    • After going around the room, anyone can share some code they've been working on and want help with / want feedback on. Make sure to have this ready before the meeting. Discuss here https://github.com/pdxrlang/aggregate/issues/8

    • Before arriving, use the pdxrlang/aggregate GitHub repository to discuss ideas for things to work on at aggregate -https://github.com/pdxrlang/aggregate/issues

    • Do bring your computer (if you have one) in case you want to work on something.

  • Wednesday
    Aug 3 2016
    Portland 1 Million Cups - New Location Portland State Business Accelerator

    This week Phylos Bioscience!

    Phylos Bioscience is applying the genomic data tools we have today to the cannabis we're going to have tomorrow.

    Every week we have a new local entrepreneur building an amazing company here in Portland. They give a short presentation followed up with a great Q&A session where you get to ask questions and ask about the real challenges and triumphs behind the business.

    As always we welcome everyone interested in startups and founders building great companies here in Portland.

    Come and check it out and bring a friend.

    Join us online on the 1MC PDX Startup Slack channel.

  • CHIFOO Event: 10th Annual Bowling Party!

    Come join us for the tenth annual CHI-Bowl and enjoy some indoor sports. Dig out your bowling shirt and come bowl a few games, or just hang out and socialize with your friends and colleagues. Families are welcome, too! And very special prizes will be awarded. You need not bowl to win!

    CHIFOO members get in free. Non-members or guests get the full bowling package for just $10, and bring the kids—your entire family can bowl for $20! It’s a heck of a deal.

    Don't be a turkey get some turkeys. Don’t forget your socks and lucky bowling ball!

    Come join CHIFOO on September 14th for our eighth speaker event next month for 2016's theme "Bounded Irrationality: Supporting Users and Building Communities".

  • CornDog Bike Tour 🦄 🐶 🚲


    Bikes, corn dogs, and fun. More details coming.

  • Community Hour[s]
    Free a0f32ae5b976c3700ed6cf40805731ace5b6de51751da977f9aaa9215d8ad4df

    CENTRL Office

    PIE and Built Oregon would like to invite you to our first Community Hour[s]. This will be an ongoing gathering of all the people who make up the entrepreneurial fabric in our community. There is no agenda, panel, or discussion. It’s a time to relax and network with old friends and new connections. As much as we all love technology, relationships are built through personal connections and shared stories. So we hope you’ll join us for a few minutes, or a couple hours at the CENTRL Office Main Bar on August 3rd from 5-7pm.

  • PDXRust: RustDoc For Everyone, and Bridging Ruby And Rust
    Ruby 6cb4bb736e6c4cb0000f6e4d6254e13d9088263198adc4a1fd0676f8a2f84c34 Free a0f32ae5b976c3700ed6cf40805731ace5b6de51751da977f9aaa9215d8ad4df


    There will be 2 talks this month!

    Rustdoc for Everyone:

    You don't have to be a great writer to create great documentation. There are simple techniques and rules you can follow to build documentation for your users. Rust ships with documentation tools, but not all crates take advantage of them. Documentation is the first way that developers interact with your code - great documentation sets your crates apart, helps users skip easy questions, and cuts down on bug reports. In this talk, we will explore techniques for writing great documentation.

    Speaker Jeremiah Peschka has been breaking software since 2000 - he's been told this sounds impressive, but he thinks it might just make him feel old. He blogs over at http://facility9.com and can be found on twitter and IRC as peschkaj. When Jeremiah isn't working with databases and Rust, he can be found playing video games, hanging out at food trucks, or napping at home.

    Bridging Ruby and Rust:

    Ruby is not the fastest language in the world, there is no doubt about it. This doesn't turn out to matter all that much – Ruby and its ecosystem has so much to offer, making it a worthwhile tradeoff a lot of the times.

    However, you might occasionally encounter workloads that are simply not suitable for Ruby. This is especially true for frameworks like Rails, where the overhead wants to be as little as possible.

    In this talk, we will explore building a native Ruby extension with Rust to speed up parts of Rails. What does Rust have to offer here over plain-old C? What kind of challenges would you run into when briding a dynamic langauge like Ruby with Rust? Let's find out!

    Speaker Godfrey Chan is a member of the Rails core team and a co-author of Helix, a toolkit for implementing Ruby classes in Rust. He works at Tilde Inc, splitting his time between building Skylight and open-source consulting.

    Other Information:

    PDXRust meets on the first Wednesday of every month, from 6-8pm, at Mozilla's Portland space. The first hour is either lightning talks from group members or a more in-depth tutorial from a Rust expert, and the second hour is hacking and social time.

    Join us in #pdxrust on irc.freenode.net (http://webchat.freenode.net/) with any feedback about what you'd like to see!

    Remember that Rust's Code of Conduct defines the Rust community's expectations for participation.

  • Thursday
    Aug 4 2016
    The Journey from ER Modeler to Data Scientist + The Basics of Text Analytics

    200 SW Market Street

    We will be talking about what data science is and isn’t, with particular focus on the skills that a data scientist is expected to bring to bear on a problem. We will discuss the educational and skill expectations of a data scientist and how those relate to the skills we’ve developed as ER Modelers.

    Going by job descriptions, data science can easily read like “jack of all trades, and master of them all too”. How do we break that down into something more reasonably achievable?

    • What is data science and what is a data scientist? What do they do?
    • Do ER Modelers make good Data Scientists?
    • Are the skill sets complementary?

    And then we’ll look at some of the basics of text analytics, or extracting information from unstructured text. This won’t be nearly enough detail to make anybody a practitioner, but we will see several of the basic techniques at work and develop a functional mental model of some of the techniques. By the time we’re done, you’ll have been exposed to concepts like:

    • Term-Document Matrix (TDM)
    • Tokenizing
    • Stopword removal (Stopping)
    • Stemming
    • And as a bonus – we’ll see some Python code for extracting noun phrases

    Bring your questions around these topics and let’s get into them.

    Our Speaker

    Asoka Diggs is a Data Scientist with Intel Corp. in Hillsboro, OR. He has about 15 years of experience in a variety of data management disciplines, including database administration, ER modeling, ETL development, and data architecture. He has recently transitioned to analysis of data by completing the MS Predictive Analytics degree from Northwestern University. It turns out that there IS something even more fun than ER modeling, and he now spends most of his work time practicing his analytic modeling skills, and teaching others how to participate and contribute to predictive analytic projects.


    8:30 - 9:00 am - Sign In
    9:00 - 10:15 am - Presentation
    10:15 - 10:30 am - Break, Chapter Announcements
    10:30 - 11:30 am - Presentation continued


    Free for Members! See our corporate members at damapdx.org
    $15 for Non-Members and $5 for Students with valid student ID
    Covers speaker costs and refreshments

    Upcoming DAMA PDX Metro Events

    • September: DAMA Day 2016
    • October: "Influencing Business Partners" with May Loomis
    • November: "The T-Shaped Data Professional – Achieving Data Management Goals by Other Means" with Alec Sharp (Clariteq Systems Consulting)
    • January 2017: "Advanced Data Visualization" with Amit P. Manghani

    About DAMA Portland

    The Portland Metro Chapter of the Data Administration Management Association has been serving the Portland data community since 1984. We are a not-for-profit, vendor independent, professional association dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices of enterprise information and data resource management.

    The DAMA Portland Chapter is dedicated to delivering thought provoking data-centric presentations that will make you more successful in your job. Our primary purpose is to promote the understanding, development and practice of managing data, information and knowledge resources as key enterprise assets.

  • Ruby Coworking

    Crema Bakery & Cafe

    An informal gathering of Ruby/Rails developers, working alongside each other. Join us!

  • CENTRL Office First Thursday with Base Camp Brewing

    CENTRL Office

    Join us for First Thursday at CENTRL Office! Base Camp Brewing Company will be serving beer and we will have ice cream from Ruby Jewel and small bites available all night!

    Artist Chris Kelleher will be displaying his beautiful artwork and you will also have the option of participating in a Pop & Paint, LLC. Art Class! We will be painting the iconic Portland, Oregon sign while we sip some brews from Base Camp!

    More about Chris Kelleher: Creating mostly through improvisation, I set out to build a relationship between marks focusing on movement, form and light. Though predominately abstract, the landscape of the Pacific Northwest has had a profound influence on my work. Whether I am painting at a live music performance or I am in my studio, music is an important part of the process. I allow music to directly translate into my work by accessing its poetry, melody, and above all else, rhythm. I try to allow each piece to flow from the brush with the same dynamic tendencies as water itself. I consider my work to be both spiritual and playful.

  • Frontend Peer Mentoring

    PDX Code Guild

    Join us for an evening of frontend programming! Bring your laptop, and something you want to learn, try, or build. Save this phone number in case you need directions. (541) 602-6215

    Come to learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. We cover HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and more. Our event is for all levels from beginner to advanced. Come to learn and/or to mentor.

    This week we will do introductions at 6:20 pm and invite attendees to ask and answer questions and help each other with programming issues.

  • Getting Declarative with Cats & Promesa w/ Matthew Lyon


    If you've ever had to interrupt a series of operations with ugly nested branching logic and thought, "there should be a better way", you're not alone. I'll show you how to use some basic category theory abstractions from funcool's cats library to write declarative code that's easier to read and reason about, and how to integrate it with their promesa library for declarative asynchronous programming.





    Bio: Matthew Lyon helps humans and computers communicate.

  • Portland Linux/Unix Group: Designing chips on GNU/Linux

    Portland Linux/Unix Group General Meeting Announcement

    Who: Tomas Kuchta
    What: Designing chips on GNU/Linux
    Where: PSU, 1930 SW 7th Ave. Room FAB 86-01 (Lower Level)
    When: Thursday, August 4th, 2016 at 7pm
    Why: The pursuit of technology freedom
    Stream: http://pdxlinux.org/live (PSU WiFi Permitting)

    Tomas Kuchta will present on the current state of the art GNU/Linux engineering computing in Integrated Circuit (IC) design, verification, test and manufacturing.

    He will introduce the complexities and challenges of creating an IC from conception through manufacturing with emphasis on engineering computing and IT infrastructure used.

    About Tomas

    Tomas Kuchta has been writing software for and designing Integrated Circuits for customers in telecommunication, customer electronics and computing industries for about 20 years.

    During his recent post at Intel he specialized, amongst other roles, at designing systems for parallel data processing, analysis and visualization for improving chip design, test and manufacturing yield.

    He spent almost decade running both Solaris and Linux engineering computing data center and workstation network for users in manufacturing yield.

    Many will head to the Lucky Lab at 1945 NW Quimby St. after the meeting.

    Rideshares Available

    PLUG Page with information about all PLUG events: http://pdxlinux.org/ Follow PLUG on Twitter: http://twitter.com/pdxlinux

    PLUG is open to everyone and does not tolerate abusive behavior on its mailing lists or at its meetings.

  • Friday
    Aug 5 2016
    First Fridays Free Days and Five-Year Anniversary (and 200th Calagator event)

    Collective Agency

    Collective Agency turned 5 years old on June 15th (first planning meeting) and August 1st (opened as our own location). A lot has happened in 5 years: we've been an experiment in workplace democracy with optional participation, making here like our ideal city or village. We've hosted more than 200 tech events open to the public listed on Calagator (more than any venue except Free Geek, Lucky Lab and New Relic), and many more non-tech events (over 1,000 paid meetings, and around 1,200 member lunches). We've won awards as a coworking place and a workplace democracy.

    Come work and have conversations at Collective Agency during our First Fridays Free Days, and join an optional potluck birthday celebration lunch.

    Members, come as usual, and you can bring guests, it’ll be the same for you as it is every day but with more people here.

    If you RSVP at https://www.facebook.com/groups/collectiveagency/ or http://www.meetup.com/Collective-Agency-community-workplace/ or Twitter @CollectiveAgenC with the time you expect to be here, what you’ll be working on (you can include a link to a website or social media), and what you’re looking for, then that's great.

    Schedule: • 9am – Open for free • 12pm – Optional potluck lunch • 5pm – End of Open House

    People here for free will have access to the big loft room, the kitchen, and restrooms, but not: conference rooms, locker storage, computer monitors. You can come in groups of up to 14 people. There are no age restrictions.

    The community guidelines are the core of the terms of service: http://collectiveagency.co/community-guidelines

  • AgilePDX Dntn Pub Lunch: Report Back: Bringing the Team to the Work

    As requested by attendees last month, Jama comes back this month to talk about the experiments its been running in bringing the team to the work.

    Agile development practices encourage static teams with predictable velocities. However, this sometimes means giving projects to teams that may not be staffed appropriately to get it done as effectively and efficiently as possible. Jama has flipped this theory on its head and is focusing on trusting our teams to self-select onto projects they’re interested in tackling given our business and engineering priorities. In doing so our goals are to decrease epic lead time and increase quality and engagement in the work we are doing.

    Cristian Fuentes has 12 years software experience working in various small startups and large IT organizations. As a developer Cristian has worked on teams experimenting with and using various XP, agile, scrum and Kanban practices and processes. Cristian is currently an Engineering Manager at Jama Software where he joined in the very early startup stage and experienced the growth and evolution of the product and engineering organization. Through this growth, the Jama engineering team has evolved and adapted to a changing landscape in pursuit of effective and empowering ways to work.

    RSVP's are not required but gratefully accepted at agilepdxcoordinating@googlegroups.com

  • PDX Women in Tech (PDXWIT) Book Discussion on #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso

    Bottle + Kitchen

    PDXWIT is organizing a "no host" book discussion on Sophia Amoruso’s #Girlboss. Here’s what Amazon say’s about the book:

    In the New York Times bestseller that the Washington Post called "Lean In for misfits," Sophia Amoruso shares how she went from dumpster diving to founding one of the fastest-growing retailers in the world.

    Sophia Amoruso spent her teens hitchhiking, committing petty theft, and scrounging in dumpsters for leftover bagels. By age twenty-two she had dropped out of school, and was broke, directionless, and checking IDs in the lobby of an art school--a job she'd taken for the health insurance. It was in that lobby that Sophia decided to start selling vintage clothes on eBay.

    Flash forward ten years to today, and she's the founder and executive chairman of Nasty Gal, a $100-million-plus fashion retailer. Sophia was never a typical CEO, or a typical anything, and she's written #GIRLBOSS for other girls like her: outsiders (and insiders) seeking a unique path to success, even when that path is windy as all hell and lined with naysayers.

    #GIRLBOSS proves that being successful isn't about where you went to college or how popular you were in high school. It's about trusting your instincts and following your gut; knowing which rules to follow and which to break; when to button up and when to let your freak flag fly.

    Jean Richardson will be leading the book discussion. Jean says about the book, “As a long time business owner and consultant I was engrossed in what Amoruso had to say about leading a business, hiring people, getting things done, and growing up. She learned the hard way many things that seasoned business owners might have told her—with a 21st Century feminist spin. I admired her wit, drive, candor, tenacity, and self- possession.

    There are lessons for every woman and girl over 12 in this book, and plenty of lessons for men who want to succeed in business and in life, as well. I mailed my print copy to my niece and bought the book on Kindle.”

    This book is a best seller at Powell’s, as well, and they have stacks of them. You can find the book on paper, Kindle, and Audible. Read the book and come ready to talk about it. If you don’t have time to finish it, come anyway. Be ready to laugh, learn, share stories and make new connections.

  • Startup Happy Hour PDX
    Beer c37730a61e5136f3294d36828ea8a295e624fc652c114cf191d008ee44f97f2a

    Commons Brewery

    Startup Happy Hour PDX is a monthly party for the Portland startup scene.

  • Saturday
    Aug 6 2016
    Devsigner 2016
    University Place Hotel

    The Devsigner 2016 Conference provides a time and place for designers and coders to gather, exchange ideas, learn from one another, broaden skill-sets, and interact with the local design community. Sessions will range from non-tech subjects (e.g. architecture) to highly technical implementation. This year will feature fewer sessions and more time to mingle, including a mixer Saturday evening.

  • Monday
    Aug 8 2016
    Happy Birthday Silicon Florist!

    Green Dragon

    Buy yourself a cool beverage on a hot summer day and wish the long standing (and long-winded) cornerstone of the Portland Startup Community, The Silicon Florist, a happy 9th birthday. Let’s get nostalgic on the patio of Green Dragon while we wish both the blog and the community it captures, encourages, and celebrates another fantastic year. Please RSVP on meetup.com link.

  • pdxrlang meetup: David Robinson, broom - tidy model outputs

    WeWork Custom House

    Sign up at: https://members.wework.com/events/david-robinson-broom-tidy-model-outputs-19084 - you must sign up at the link to be able to attend.

    Speaker: David Robinson (http://varianceexplained.org/) - Data Scientist at StackOverflow

    David will talk about broom (https://github.com/dgrtwo/broom), his R package for tidying model outputs.

  • PDXWIT Volunteer Social


    Come meet the other stellar people who have signed up to volunteer with PDXWIT and explore what's possible with this new arsenal of expertise and energy!

    At this informal get-together, we will...

    •Share specific volunteer opportunities

    •Source ideas for new ways volunteers can shape and support our community as we continue to grow

    •Solicit your input on how we can set you up for an all-around awesome volunteer experience that aligns with your goals and interests

    We are thrilled to have you on board and can't wait to see what we'll catalyze together.

    Not on the volunteer list yet? Simply sign up via this form on our website. We'd love for you to join us.

    Can't attend but want to contribute your ideas? Email us at andrea@pdxwit.org.

  • Test Ruby PDX Monthly Meeting
    Ruby 6cb4bb736e6c4cb0000f6e4d6254e13d9088263198adc4a1fd0676f8a2f84c34 Rails e53bc8411df8122f74959f46c2f69c99152414a663cd1a21068d19ec22aa5a50

    Renew Financial

    Portland's testing user group for Ruby developers! Conversation and peer mentoring starting at 6, presentations at 7. For more information, follow @TestRubyPDX on Twitter or join the #testrubypdx Slack channel (under the pdxruby team). We are still looking for speakers, so if you're interested, visit testrubypdx.org/speak for details and suggested topics!

  • Monday Python Flying Circus (Programmer Peer Mentoring Night)

    PDX Code Guild

    Bring your laptop. Learn and/or share your existing knowledge with others. This group focuses on Python, Django, JavaScript, jQuery, SQL, CSS and HTML. Other languages are welcome.

    This week we will do introductions and then pair up mentors and learners and/or work on projects.

    Set aside one night a week to become a better developer, pick up new skills, and get help with your projects and learning. We'll have mentors on hand and a community of other learners to meet and work with.

    This event is beginner friendly, we can help get you started with programming, support your online learning, or just talk about where you are at and what comes next.

    Free parking! Save this number in case you need help finding us: (541)[masked] We are at 2626 SW Corbett Ave, two buildings down from the Portland State Business Accelerator, and near the International School. More Directions below.

  • Tuesday
    Aug 9 2016
    DevOpsDays Portland 2016
    Oregon Convention Center

    DevopsDays Portland is a two day event with a combination of presentations and open spaces designed to bring development and operations together at one conference.

    Register to attend ($100 registration fee): http://devopsdays.org/events/2016-portland/registration/

  • WDS 2016: Unconventional Work, Life, and Travel
    Downtown Portland (various)

    Calling all dreamers, world-changers, entrepreneurs, travelers, and creatives! Interested in exploring the question: How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

    Join in Portland’s 6th annual World Domination Summit with thousands from around the world who value Community, Adventure, and Service.

    Although our main-stage speaker experience is sold out, you can still get in on hundreds of attendee-led meetups, dozens of engaging workshops, and a spectacular closing party. It’s an awesome, immersive experience in life, work, and travel!

    Learn more and grab a Connect ticket [https://worlddominationsummit.com/connect] to get access to WDS events all week long. Here’s a small sample of the activities available (for ticket holders only!):

    Attend (or host!) Meetups: - Remote Workers of the World - Creating a Viable Business Plan for Your New Venture - Own Your Learning: the Power of Choice-Based Education - Niche Blogging - nailed it! Attend Spark Session discussions: - How to do the impossible - Building an audience - Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer - Honest Online Business - Live a Life You Love Attend a half-day Academy: - Think Better, Live Better - Be a Money Boss - How to Travel For 6 Months (or Longer!) - The Science of Happiness. Connect with attendees from around the world who share your interests and unconventional goals. Experience our spectacular Closing Party with new friends on Sunday, August 14th.

  • pdxrlang meetup: Probabilistic Approaches to Multi-dimensional Fuzzy Joins: A GeoSpatial Example


    Speaker: De'Mel Mojica

    Abstract: This talk will be on a general approach to automatically join large-scale, geospatial data across distinct data sets, using a mix between Levenshtein Distance thresholds and Haversine Distance thresholds. This approach permits joining multiple data sets without the need to provide ad hoc normalization conventions for each data resource. In addition, this approach can be generalized beyond a geospatial field and applied any domain which requires joining across two or more non-identical dimensions.

    We'll visit a local watering hole afterwards.

  • Thursday
    Aug 11 2016
    Nike Tech Talks

    Join Nike Digital for the next event in our Nike Tech Talks series this Thursday, August 11th (4:00-7:30pm). Learn about scaling stateful services and the history of distributed programming and network over snacks and drinks. RSVP today at: https://niketechtalksaug112016.splashthat.com!

    Building Scalable, Stateful Services & Lessons Learned at Scale - Caitie McCaffrey, Tech Lead at Twitter

    A Brief History of Distributed Programming - Christopher Meiklejohn, PhD Candidate at Universite catholique de Louvain

    We hope to see you at the event and encourage you to invite your colleagues. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with michelle.cassinelli@nike.com.

  • Saturday
    Aug 13 2016
    Code Fellows Code 101

    Code Fellows

    You MUST register on EVENTBRITE in order to save a spot for this event. IT IS A PAID EVENT. http://code101-aug16.eventbrite.com/?aff=callagator Thinking about a new career in software development? Start here!

    This one-day workshop is the perfect place to figure out if coding is for you. You’ll get a sneak peek of what a career in coding involves, plus a taste of the Code Fellows learning experience.

    Learn how websites are built and code one yourself using industry-standard tools and professional coding practices.

    An hour before the start of the workshop will be dedicated to helping students get their computers set up with the appropriate tools.


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